We clean normal everyday dirt affecting your carpet, rugs, upholstery, leather furniture, draperies, tile and grout, air ducts and dryer vents. We design a plan that suits your budget. We fully realize how traumatic water damage from flooding of any type or the development of mold can be. We restore your valuables and your life back to normal. MAXIM works closely with insurance firms.

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  City La Vista, NE
  Zip Code 68128
  Address 10524 Chandler Rd
  Phone Number (402) 697-9004

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Mike & Noah provided excellent communication, thorough workmanship, and were very professional. So easy to work with. We are very happy with the carpets and ducts. My carpets were cleaned 2 weeks ago, and no spots have re-appeared! My aging dog had left her spots, and I'd used other products to clean, which turned dark again, even after other companies had cleaned them. The Maxim technicians called ahead of time, were here as scheduled, and performed the work in a reasonable amount of time. I'm very happy with Maxim, they have earned repeat business from me and I've shared my experience with several others already!

Maxim's reputation guarantees our clients the benefit of our many years of experience and commitment to provide the utmost in quality services by basing our work philosophies on the highest standards in our industry through advance education and technology. MAXIM will always provide the highest quality services with value pricing while constantly striving to meet or exceed our clients' needs and expectations. Our vision is to hear every residential or commercial client express how wonderful they feel after we serve them.

Let MAXIM Cleaning & Restoration restore the natural beauty of your stone, masonry and tile floors quickly and economically. Our specially-formulated pre-treatment solution and conditioner breaks down the dirt, oils and debris that have built up and become trapped deep within the pores of your tile flooring. Our state of the art tile and grout floor cleaning equipment powerfully sprays cleaning solution onto the hard surface floor and grout, then immediately extracts it away leaving your flooring sparkling clean and looking like new again.

Your furniture not only adds a beautiful look to your home, it is often your family's "comfort zone." Over time, however, this comfort zone begins to deteriorate from normal wear and tear. Children, pets, and abrasive dust particles can be especially harsh on upholstery fabrics. With so many different upholstery materials, from genuine leather to natural fibers and sturdy synthetics, a variety of cleaning methods and equipment are essential for offering the best professional cleaning and maintenance service available.

Oriental and specialty rugs add style, comfort, beauty and distinction to any home. They come in many shapes, sizes, styles and weaves. Their special material requires special care and professional rug cleaningregularly to maintain their beauty and resiliency. In general, it is recommended to get professional rug cleaning every two to four years. MAXIM Cleaning & Restoration is IICRC certified and trained in the proper care, cleaning and treatment of Oriental and specialty rugs, so you can be assured your lovely pieces will be cared for according to industry guidelines and standards with our rug cleaning services.

MAXIM Cleaning & Restoration's three-part cleaning process safely and thoroughly cleans air duct systems. Our EPA-registered anti-microbial sanitizer eliminates microbial growth and odors in air duct systems.

Water damage in your home can result from a variety of causes; burst pipes, clogged plumbing, backed up sewer or toilet, flooding from rain, accidents such as leaving a tub or faucet running, and many more. Regardless of the cause, once water leaks or floods into your home, it is critical to act immediately. The first 24-48 hours are critical to minimize water damage and mold growth. The risk of mold growth and greater water damage to your property increase while the water continues to stand or flow.

No, we cannot, because we'll do something better! Rather than "shampoo" carpets, we use the number one preferred method by carpet manufacturers and mills: truck-mounted "steam" carpet cleaning. In truth, "steam" carpet cleaning is a bit of a misnomer, since no direct steam is used. What the professional carpet cleaning industry calls steam cleaning is really a process of using a power sprayer to infuse a solution of bio-safe carpet cleaning and treatment agents into the carpet, followed by hot water.