Whether it's as common as having your carpets cleaned, or the more serious business of drying out a water damaged basement, we're the one to call. In the business since 1984, we've seen and handled all kinds of tiny messes and big emergencies. Through the years, we've earned the kind of knowledge that is invaluable to you as a business or home owner.

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  City Valparaiso, IN
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Attention Property Management Companies — MasterClean offers special pricing for all apartment complexes in South Lake and Porter counties in Indiana. We have been servicing the area since 1984 and can help your company save time and money by taking care of and repairing all the carpeting, tile and grout, and removing mold within your complexes. All of our technicians are professionally trained in a variety of service areas and will offer you sound advice about how to take care of your carpets, tile floor and walls.

If you have any type of carpet or fabric in your house, from the carpet that covers your main areas and stairs to furniture that you love to recline and relax on, you can guarantee that over time, the carpet and upholstery will get dirty. If you have kids or pets, the chances are that these items will get dirty sooner rather than later. Fortunately, you don't have to settle for less-than-perfect carpet and upholstery; our team of professionals can provide the comprehensive cleaning services you're looking for to ensure your home and furniture are kept looking good for years.

If you're a homeowner in Indiana who has tile or grout within your home, you probably already know that at some point, you'll need to invest in professional cleaning services. While tile and grout can look great and be a fantastic addition to a home, both can become soiled and worn down over the years, diminishing the aesthetic value of your abode. While cleaning tile and grout yourself on a routine basis can help to reduce the buildup of dirt and grime, a professional cleaning is the only thing that will really allow your tile and grout to look good as new.

Whether from a natural disaster like a flood, burst pipes, a sewage failure, or another water-related incident, if your home has suffered water damage you need to take action immediately. Untreated water damage can wreak havoc on your surfaces - call our professionals at the first sign of moisture and water damage to mitigate the most destruction as possible. There are numerous different things that can lead to serious water damage within the home. The most obvious things to suffer damage are draperies, furniture, and carpeting.