Imagine coming home after a long day at work to a fresh and clean house! With our expert house cleaning services, you can come home to clean giving you more time to enjoy and relax the things you like to do. You will be proud of your clean home with our professional cleaning services. You can save money on repairs and maintenance with our recurring cleaning services.

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  City Palmyra, ME
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  Address 65 Hicks Pond Road
  Phone Number (207) 702-3640

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Your work space will shine with our professional cleaning services! With our excellent commercial cleaning services, your customers and staff will enjoy being in your clean, fresh office or business. If you are looking for regular recurring cleanings for your Maine business or office, Maine Maid to Clean will give you professional, reliable cleaning services to make your work place shine. We offer optional green cleaning supplies with environmentally friendly products from Clorox. We are pleased to offer an optional "green cleaning" using Green Works products from Clorox, a name you can trust, and washable, resusable cotton rags in place of disposable paper towels.

We primarily use green cleansers by Clorox Green Works: Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner, Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Natural Bathroom Cleaner, and Natural Floor Cleaner. We use Ajax Soft Scrub with bleach for cleaning kitchen sinks and Dawn dishwashing detergent or whatever you have available for cleaning kitchen surfaces. When necessary, we use a bleach cleaner for hard to clean areas and places where mold and mildew have developed. We also use a stainless steel cleaner and polisher to restore the beauty of your stainless steel appliances.

Your business or office cleaning fee is based on several factors. Office workers have varying activity styles and offices have different cleaning needs. We take these things into consideration as we work with you to develop a cleaning budget. If you wish to stay within a regular budgeted amount, we create a cleaning schedule with your budget in mind. Cleanings can be scheduled to occur weekly, bi-weekly (every other week), or monthly. In larger facilities, cleanings may occur several times per week in order to maintain a clean and healthy environment for employees and customers.

More of you are striving to live natural lifestyles and that includes using natural cleaning products. You don't want harsh chemical fumes or residue, but you do want a clean and healthy office or business for your employees and customers. We provide an environmentally friendly option to our cleaning services featuring Green Works products by Clorox. Green Works is made from plant-based ingredients derived from coconuts and lemon oil. The ingredients used in Green Works products are sustainable, non-allergenic and biodegradable.

To request services or to inquire about our services by phone, please call (207) 355-5345. This is Julie's direct number. If she is not available at the time of your call, please leave your name, phone number and a brief message and she will return your call promptly. Please remember to speak clearly and slowly when leaving your message. We will call you.

We carry Professional Liability Insurance. If you need to view our Certificate of Insurance, please call or text 355-5345 or contact us via email through our contact form. House cleaning services in coastal Maine covering areas of Somerset, Penobscot, Kennebec, and Waldo counties.