We're the cleaning service that puts fear into the heart of dust bunnies, and we've been known to sweep them out by the hundreds. No kidding. But that's not all we do.

Think of us as a high-powered Maid Service that cleans your entire house so thoroughly, you won't believe your eyes when we're finished. We vacuum, we scrub, we polish, we do more amazing stuff than any other cleaning service in the great state of Texas. Maybe the world. Honest. Your floors will sparkle, your furniture will shine, your bathrooms will be squeaky clean. Your family will be amazed. Your friends will be in awe. Maybe the town will throw a parade in your honor. Never can tell!

Moving In or Out?: Are you in the process of moving out of your home, apartment, condo, townhouse or office? If you are, then let our company ease some of the work for you. Our team will go to your new place and clean it from top to bottom. The only thing you will have to do is bring your items and unpack.

For any type of cleaning we can be there for you. Are you looking for a bi-weekly, monthly or one-time cleaning? There isn't a job to big or small for the staff of our company. ♦ Contact Us! Pick up the phone and give us a call. We'll come over to your place, do a walk-through, and give you an estimate. It's that simple. And, of course, we'll do it for free, and at your convenience. We look forward to hearing from you.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Hourly Plan (2 cleaning technicians / $75.00 per hour/ one hour minimum)

Serviced Areas

  • Plano,McKinney,Richardson,Collin county, Allen

Payment Options

  • Cash Only, Personal Checks

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  Person Maria
  City Allen, TX
  Zip Code 75002
  Address 1420 W. Mcdermott
  Phone Number (214) 317-1867

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Products & Services

Move Out or In House or Office Cleaning Service:

Move Out or In House or Office Cleaning Service:

We will come in before you move in to your new home, apartment or office and have it ready for you before you bring one box in. Our staff will clean all bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living and dining rooms.

Our staff will even clean the previous home, apartment or office for you. You will have to much too do with your recent move. You don't want to worry about going back to your previous place to clean, but you want your deposit returned to you. This can be done easily with our staff. While you are unpacking at your new place, our team will be cleaning your old place.

We provide competitively priced services that are always on-time and in budget. Customers will be treated with respect. They will recognize us because of our distinctly different way of providing services.

Promotions & Discounts

Super Bowl Clean Up

Now is the time to get ready for the Super Bowl! It is time to get your pre and post party cleaning services hired. It does not matter if you are a New York Giants fan or a New England Patriots fan the key is not having to clean after the game.

The answer is hire a maid service to help you out. Take time today to call your local maid service and get your appointment set up. It will help you be able to relax and enjoy the game.
Find a local maid service that can help and enjoy the Super Bowl!

Hourly Plan (2 cleaning technicians / $75. 00 per hour/ one hour minimum) .

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This guide covers everything to expect from a house cleaning or maid service, regular services, move out cleaning, office cleaning. Do not worry becauseMaid Service in Allenhave a professional and reliable solution for all your cleaning problems. Get in touch with us to avail all these benefits so you have one less thing to worry about in your domicile! Why You Should Choose The Maids Trained Teams maid pro in Plano cleaners near me. Carpets are treated withnon-toxic carpet cleaning agentsthat will leave your home smelling great and your carpets looking amazing!

Accidents pass our mattress and it is time to clean it and away from bad smells of urine and organic waste then using enzymes and products that sanitize your mattress. Ozone created by ozone generators or electrostatic air purifiers can reach every corner of the environment, which can overcome the problem that ultraviolet sterilization can only go straight up and down, leaving some places unsterilized. Oxidizing bacteria and virus is how ozone works, with no poisonous residue. On the contrary, the chemical disinfectant we use now is not only harmful to the human body, but also will cause a secondary population of poisonous residue.

Would you like to do business with a building maintenance contractor that puts YOU first and works hard to meet all of YOUR building service needs? The following are just a few of the many reasons you can have peace of mind with Janitorial Maid Service in Allen. Undoubtedly you want to select a building cleaning service contractor that is diligent in preserving your assets — your building, carpets, resilient floor coverings, wall surfaces, fixtures, and furniture. You have good reasons for selecting Janitorial Maid in Allen After each scheduled visit your building will be left in a clean, fresh, and well-preserved condition.

Now that you have done your homework on what to expect from the cleaning service, the next step is to find the best one that is ideal for your particular condominium. The best way to know about their track record is to look for the cleaning service's online reviews. See if customers were satisfied with their job and the time they took to complete it. Look for important aspects and find answers to questions like "were they on time?" Many may not expect this, but it is important that your cleaning service provides for their staff's field insurance in case they do any damage to your property while cleaning.

Everyone loves a freshly cleaned carpet. No matter the color and style of your carpet, we will take care of your carpet cleaning needs. Carpets are treated withnon-toxic carpet cleaning agentsthat will leave your home smelling great and your carpets looking amazing! All our cleaners and solutions are eco-friendly and no harmful to pets or children. For more than 100 years, ozone, considered a killer of virus in nature, has been widely used by people for disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, disintoxication, storage, and bleaching thanks to its strong oxidability.

If you are, then let Maid in Allen ease some of the work for you. Once you have your belongingsoutof your current home, then the cleaning company will come in and get your old place ready to sell or turn the keys back to your landlord toget your deposit back. Let us take care of the cleaning duties while you make sure that you and your family is ready to move out! Hire the Best One-Time Cleaning Services in Allen, TX Need a deep, detailed clean for your home? Cleaning Supplies: We provide our own cleaning supplies and equipment.

As environmental and health concerns are on the rise, professional janitorial cleaning services are indispensable. Be assured of my continued interest in providing complete professional cleaning maintenance services for your building. No other cleaning company will give you better service and more personal attention than Janitorial Maid in Allen All I need is your GO AHEAD. My staff of professional cleaning technicians will be ready to go to work right away. If you're present cleaning service requires thirty day's notice of cancellation; If they do not require advance notice, we can begin with one week's notice.

Providing unmatched quality cleaning services for our customers in Allen, Plano, and McKinney is our topmost priority, which is why our goal is to ensure100% customer satisfaction! Our team members are trained to always be professionals -Will Janitorial Maid in Allen send the same team members each visit? We bring together the best people, most effective methods, highest quality supplies and latest equipment to deliver on this commitment. Get in touch with us to avail all these benefits so you have one less thing to worry about!