But look closer and you will see a business which has grown through all economic climates. You'll see a firm that supports its franchisees with smart, concise training, support and marketing. And you will see a brand that people trust. In fact, it's that very trust in quality service that creates a foundation for growth and success that is unrivaled within the industry.

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  City Atlanta, GA
  Zip Code 30328
  Address 4 Concourse Pkway Northeast # 200
  Phone Number (770) 551-9630

From Our Website

Maid Brigade is an Opportunity that shines Maid Brigade has been ranked a Top 100 Franchise by Entrepreneur, a Top 50 Franchise for minorities and vets by USA Today, and a Top 25 Franchise for Hispanics by the World Franchising Network. And we are the only cleaning service company (franchise or not) that is Green Clean Certified. Maid Brigade is the only cleaning service that offers PUREcleaning maid service. Maid Brigade offers PUREcleaning to protect our customers and employees from the health risks associated with traditional house cleaning products and methods.

Start looking around at other franchise cleaning services and you'll notice: they all say (and do) pretty much the same thing. So there's no clear cut way to make a choice between them. But not Maid Brigade. We are the only brand in the franchisecleaning services industry thathas developed a distinct and meaningful unique selling proposition. That's because Maid Brigade conducts market research regularly to understand what consumers really want and hones our concept to meet that demand. PUREcleaning is the healthiest, most advanced and complete home cleaning and disinfection system on the market.