Professionally certified blind and drapery cleaners. If it's worth saving it's worth cleaning! Drapery dry cleaning can be done in your home. As professional blind and drapery cleaners our mission is to supply our customers with service as customized as their window treatments.

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  City Joliet, IL
  Zip Code 60435
  Address 3021 Theodore St # E
  Phone Number (815) 577-9797

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Ozone gas and other specialty equipment for sanitizing, odor removal, restoration work etc. We clean blinds, shades, draperies, valances and almost every type of custom window treatment using the appropriate methods for the material(s) involved. Cleaning safetly removes accumulated dust, allergens and other airborne grime that filter into and onto these items. We are specialists in our chosen field and do all of the work either in your home or our shop, we aren't posing as "blind or drapery" cleaners that merely drop off your things with another vendor (or at a dry cleaners).

Local Family Owned: In 2001 our business was founded in a Shorewood storefront by the wife of a Joliet policeman. In 2003 the shop moved to a building on Theodore St. in Joliet with expanded cleaning capabilities as Bert and Miriam Bolton bought the business and continued to expand operations. In 2016 we to a larger facility in Crest Hill and have now serviced over 10,000 clients from across the Chicago region and NW Indiana. Whatever the project size, we strive to provide a personalized professional cleaning - whether you have one blind or a thousand.

Cleaning for a Healthier Environment? As recommended by the current CDC Guidelines we can clean your draperies, soft fabrics or other window treatments, furniture or fabric panels etc. using appropriate methods. Sanitizing treatments should be done after cleaning existing germs and biofilms off surfaces. We can use N-List approved chemicals or more natural methods like Ozonated water in the cleaning process if you want sanitizing done along with the cleaning of many items. For blind cleaning the ultrasonic method is the only way to clean 100% of the surfaces and remove the contaminants without redistributing them into your environment.

Whatever the proper cleaning method may be for your upholstery, office panels or other custom fabrics, we have the equipment and expertise to take care of it. We clean custom fabric upholstery using methods and cleaning chemistry appropriate to the type/blend of fabrics. No tags or don't know what it is? Don't worry. We can test the fabric before using one or more methods to clean it (depending upon its construction, level of soiling and age). Bert is an IICRC Certified Upholstery Cleaning Technician with 15+ years experience.

We have the equipment and expertise to clean all types of custom blinds and shades. While ultrasonic cleaning does an excellent job on many types of blinds and shades, it isn't the safest or best method for other types of shades. For fabric shades such as Luminettes, Silhouettes or honeycomb shades and many commercial roman shades, an ultrasonic cleaning provides a safe and effective deep cleaning method. Some specialty fabric shades or types of room darkening shades are cleaned using a dry cleaning solvent if cleaning with wet cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning is not appropriate.

Please don't call or ask us if the price quoted was "our best price". All of the members of our team based their quotes on a chart using established prices based upon the size, types and number of blinds, shades or draperies in the information provided to us. We don't play pricing "games" or use "sales gimmicks". If you want someone to quote high and then try to entice you to to do business with them by offering "today's special" or "website discount coupons" we aren't the folks to call. We strive to provide our clients with the best value for the service provided.

While giving life to older blinds with a complete restringing is porbably our most common repair. We have the tools and parts to do a variety of repairs on all types of custom blinds and shades. Over the past decade we've accumulated a "few" parts and can promptly repair most shades here at our shop. For local clients, we also make house calls to restring blinds right in your home. As our shop hours vary during the week, it is always best to call first, before coming by to drop off a blind. Repairs and service for all Hunter Douglas blinds can be arranged if we can't do it in our shop.

We can clean just about any type of custom window treatment. From silks to sheers imported from France, we've handled a wide range of projects over the years for our clients with confidence. We can guarantee there will be no shrinkage or fabric damage with our injection-extraction (dry solvent) cleaning method. We'll carefully pre-inspect treatments before cleaning, discussing our process and any concerns that you may have before setting up plastic behind the work area. Using a small machine, we can clean valances or draperies right where they hang in the window.