The Four-State region has one more thing to get excited about. Living Green Interior Landscaping has opened it's doors and is turning everyone 'green' with envy. Living Green provides a wide variety of interior plantscaping concepts at an affordable price. We provide a complete plant maintenance service. We design, install, and maintain the health of your interior plants, no green thumb required. Let our highly trained plant care experts take care of all your plant care needs.

Let us introduce ourselves…

Living Green Interior Landscaping is an interior plantscaping firm that will help commercial and residential clients bring the beauty of nature indoors, making your space beautiful. We provide a full plant service contract, including plant maintenance and FREE guaranteed replacement. We offer aquarium maintenance for both saltwater and fresh water fish tanks. We offer Aviary Services. We also provide quality, reliable, and affordable commercial cleaning services.

That's who we are, now here is what we do....

Living Green provides beautiful interior plants and trees with a wide diversity of decorative planters. Our full plant service provides you with a uniformed plant health manager who has been trained by a licensed horticulturist. As part of our plant maintenance, your interior plants will be watered, cleaned, rotated, and fertilized, not leaving a leaf unturned. Making your space beautiful!

Contact Details

  Person Living Green Interior Landscaping, Inc
  City Joplin , MO
  Zip Code 64834
  Address PO Box 10
  Phone Number (417) 206-7568

Products & Services


Living Green has a Certified Avian Specialist (Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, Washington, DC.) on staff. The only one in the four state area. This means peace of mind for our customers to know their aviary is receiving proper care.

Living Green has 22+ years healthcare experience. We know how to act in the medical community as well as how to take care of our birds. HIPPA, BSI, and a heart for people is something we bring to the table. Can other Aviary services provide that?

Living Green is a customer first business model. The above mentioned reasons will get us your business, but our customer service will keep it.


Our staff includes two Freshwater Fish experts, by PIJAC. Living Green designs, delivers, installs and maintains both freshwater and marine aquariums. Our maintenance program is made to fit both your aquarium needs and your pocket book. Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly service plans are available. Our team understand their mission to keep your aquarium and do so professionally and courteously, working behind the scenes to test and analyze your aquarium and keep your fish happy and healthy. Living Green maintains aquariums, fish ponds, and indoor water features, Living Green is your interior aquatic specialist. Tropical fish, Koi, goldfish, marine life, and reefs just to name a few. Give us a call today.

Commercial Cleaning

Living Green provides a complete line of commercial cleaning services. We have 22+ years healthcare experience and we know professionalism is important. HIPPA, BSI, and a heart for people is something we bring to the table, along with the reliability you expect but have difficulty getting in a cleaning service. Rather it is window washing, office cleaning or floor care, our staff work behinds the scenes to ensure your work space is clean and beautiful.

Living Green has a customer first business model and a work ethic like no other. Our firm is privately owned and our corporate philosophy is we serve others through providing them a clean work environment. Our satisfaction comes from knowing our clients are satisfied.

Are you tired of the current short cuts, lack of effort and unreliable service you are paying good money for? Stop the hassles and frustrations, give Living Green a call today.