Klean-Rite Building Solutions is a privately owned Kansas City Missouri based cleaning company and is not a franchised cleaning business, or, associated with any franchised cleaning companies in any way, shape or form.

All cleaning services are offered on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis. Cleaning services includes, General Cleaning, floor care, stripping and waxing, burnishing. Carpet care, carpet cleaning, spot cleaning.

Klean-Rite Building Solutions also provides light handyman services for our clients if they so desire.

Light handyman services includes home fixture installation, leaking faucets, screened doors repaired/replaced, cabinet pulls and hinges, GFI Outlets, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, dimmer switches, assembly of furniture and household items, cleaning gutters and downspouts, power washing decks and siding, changing and replacing hard to reach light bulbs including adding CFL and LED Bulbs, caulking and re-grouting showers and tubs, furnace filters, annual maintenance check of your home or office.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • 24 hour call out

Serviced Areas

  • We service the greater Kansas City Missouri and surrounding areas

Payment Options

  • Personal Checks, Business Checks

Contact Details

  Person David Trammell
  City Kansas City, MO
  Zip Code 64056
  Address 18607 E Arrowhead Place
  Phone Number (800) 747-5870
  Mobile 816-405-7753
  Tollfree 800-747-5870
  Fax 816-796-6696

Business Representative

David Trammell


David Trammell has been in the commercial cleaning industry since 1990. With years of cleaning experience behind him, he decided to break away from working with other cleaning companies and start his own business. He entered the business part-time with only two clients and now has grown into a full time cleaning business.

Products & Services

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Our service covers the entire Kansas City City Missouri metro area. With us your carpet is cleaned in accordance to the industry standards, our cleaning equipment combined with the unique cleaning process will ensure your carpets are cleaned thoroughly. Klean-Rite Building Solutions employs experienced carpet cleaning service specialists and offers the service most suited for your carpet as well as expert stain and odor removal treatment of such stains.

Healthcare Cleaning

Healthcare Cleaning

Our system for cleaning medical offices and exam rooms ensures strict attention to standards for sanitation and includes safeguards to make sure that we never cross contaminate from one medical facility to another.

The level of attention to detail and sanitary awareness has distinguished Klean-Rite Building Solutions among our clients.



Every business is all for cutting expenses, but we go one step further. We believe that maintaining the highest standard of care for your office is not only essential, but it is our duty. And so is passing on tips for saving money to our clients.

A clean office environment will help to increase employee productivity and enhances the image and reputation of your business.
Whether you require a daily office cleaning service or a weekly/monthly clean, Klean-Rite Building Solutions can customize a program specifically designed to meet your requirements.

Commercial Cleaning for Schools

Commercial Cleaning for Schools

Klean-Rite Building Solutions offers school cleaning services that will give your school an A+. We specialize in delivering cost effective cleaning and maintenance solutions to our local schools.
We will provide you with a Comprehensive Cleaning Program which is the key to a healthy school. The Program will include a cleaning plan with measurable goals that covers the entire school environment – from classrooms to the cafeteria, from locker rooms to school buses.
An infection control plan is also part of the program. This plan includes clear instructions for routine cleaning, sanitizing, and targeted disinfecting. It will outline steps to take during an infectious disease outbreak or exposure to bodily fluids.


Time for Change

If you're tired of inconsistent cleaning services,
perhaps it's time to make a change!
We don't take quality control lightly when it comes to cleaning your facility.

From Our Website

It's often more efficient to outsource big cleaning projects. Hiring a commercial janitorial service saves the expense of renting equipment and buying specialty products. It's also safer to leave big jobs in the hands of industry-certified professionals. You are probably planning on hiring a cleaning crew anyway. So why not go with a team that's on top of it from the start? Not just the first couple of months, but every single time. With Klean-Rite, you never have to go through the hassle of hiring a commercial janitorial service and then filing complaints, never again.

Klean-Rite wants to help contribute to the success of your business by providing health-based commercial janitorial services for your facility. Mr. Trammell had been in the commercial janitorial industry for over twenty-five years at the time of Klean-Rites inception. He started Klean-Rite because he felt the need to establish a cleaning company that placed the utmost importance on the health and safety of Klean-Rites clients and their employees. He also is professionally certified with IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration).

If your business has dirty windows, that's like having a beautiful smile, but yellow teeth. The outside of your business can turn people off if it's cluttered or dirty. It is all about first impressions, and one of the quickest and easiest ways is through clean windows. You can create a more productive and pleasant work environment for your employees when you let natural light into your business. Your window glass can get discolored when airborne dirt and dust adhere to it. Contact from hands can also leave unsightly streaks on your entrance door glass.

Our cleaning technicians will provide your employees with a work environment that is dust-free, germ-free, and contaminant-free with our office janitorial services. We will deliver your office with a daily deep cleaning, which helps to prevent the spread of infections, reduces employee sick days, and increase productivity. The average person spends about 90,000 hours or a third of their life at work, so it's critical to provide your employees with a clean work environment.

We do business with other companies in our area and giving back to charities; this is how we invest back into our local economy. Our cleaning technicians operating in your facility are trained and certified in government regulations and OSHA guidelines. We require each new hire cleaning technician to attend four weeks of intensive training, consisting of two weeks of classroom and two weeks in the field. The key to building good customer relations is constant communication. Klean-Rite will inspect your facility on a routine basis to ensure our cleaning technicians are performing their duties exceptionally well.