We constantly aim to supply the best quality specialized restoration and cleaning services to Commercial, Industrial, Research, Executive Residential, Ceilings, Life Safety Equipment Maintenance, and HealthCare Facilities throughout the Midwest Area.

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Founded in 1931, KLEEN-AIR is recognized by The National Air Duct Cleaner Association as America's oldest duct cleaning company. As a service driven organization throughout our history we have always provided the highest quality work available. We have done this by keeping close contact with our customers to ensure that we are serving their needs properly. All projects are reviewed by an Air Cleaning Systems Specialist (ASCS) as certified by NADCA. All work is done by using state of the art equipment.

As President of Kleen Air Service for 30 years, Vince understands the day to day operations and puts a premium on our client's interest. His years of field experience combined with his many leadership roles in professional associations such as the Association of Facilities Engineers, Business Executives Association and HESNI have provided him with insight to client's perspectives. This coupled with his relentless pursuit to employ the most effective and innovative techniques, have driven our compay's success.

Kleen Air Service Corporation has met the ventilation cleaning needs of the Midwest, making it the oldest company of its kind in North America. We are continuously evolving so we can provide duct cleaning services to the Commercial, Industrial, Research, Food Service and Hospitality industry, Healthcare Facilities and Manufacturing Plants. Our clientele ranges from small restaurants to Fortune 100 Companies, all of which receive personalized and reliable service. A lot has changed since we first started off over 75 years ago, but our commitment to customer service remains consistent.

Rust, grim, dirt and other debris often accumulate on surfaces, leaving them looking stained and dirty. KleenAir offers power washing service, preformed following manufactures guidelines to restore surfaces to the original pristine condition. Our technicians apply degreaser or dirt dissolving products, followed by power washing of the entire surface to lift even the toughest stains. All equipment and work practices meet or exceed the certification standards for performance set by both the Pressure Washers Manufactures' Association (PWMA) and the Power Washers of North America (PWNA).