Carpet cleaning services from our firm comes with one year of unlimited return visits. Our Dallas carpet cleaning clients have been taking advantage of this offer for over twelve years. Now we're providing the same unparalleled service to Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Austin Texas. Carpet cleaners that you may be considering cannot match this special offer.

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Up until the last 20 years, the only choice in carpet cleaning was "steam cleaning" (hot water extraction). As technology and creativity progressed, so did the choices in carpet cleaning methods. A typical traditional steam cleaning consists of a carpet pre-spray treatment, followed by a hot water extraction with a heavy-duty wet vacuum. Although a steam carpet cleaning gives the appearance of a clean carpet, these looks can be quite deceiving. Because there is so much water involved with a steam carpet cleaning, the padding and the base of your carpet take too long to completely dry, and in some cases, the padding can stay wet for weeks undetected.

If you've used steamcarpet cleanersin the past, you know how much of a hassle they can be. Most over-saturate your carpets and use high levels of heat, filling your home with humidity and toxic chemicals. The soggy carpets often don't dry out for hours or even days, and the wastewater can easily pollute the area around your home. Fortunately, KIWI cleaning services offer a solution that's fast, affordable, and environmentally friendly. Our circular extraction system uses minimal water and no harsh chemicals.