At Jetter Clean, we're dedicated to delivering our clients with prompt, clean, professional and courteous state-of-the-art drain, sewage drain, pipe and tile cleaning. Jetter Clean offers video inspection services. The expertly trained Jetter Clean technicians are prompt and courteous.

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  City Mankato, MN
  Zip Code 56001
  Phone Number (507) 345-3149

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It was their wedding day - May 15, 1993 - and everyone was at their home in Mankato having a good time. Then the phone rang and interrupted their party. They had a wedding of their own going on there, but they were having some problems with their drains. I looked at Kris, and she said, 'You gotta go.' Such is the life of a professional drain cleaner. Even on the first day of the rest of their lives, Kris Bohrer knew that. She and Lee had been dating only for a matter of months when his father, a longtime plumber in North Mankato, died suddenly.

Jetter Clean can not only clean your drains and pipes but also the stone, concrete or brick exterior of your building. We remove algae and dirt buildup bringing back the bright natural beauty of the stone. Then our "Stay Clean" product is applied to keep the clean natural appearance for years.

Monday thru Friday all our phone numbers are answered by our Mankato Office. After hours and on Weekends the Technicians that are on Call will answer the phone. You will have to leave a message after hrs / weekends because they may be working and unable to answer the phone. Please Leave a Message for a prompt return call.

Our advanced water jets spray your pipes clean. We do all this with our patented Jet Van, the most advanced in the industry. The only one with one engine and a wireless remote control for one technician operation. The need for only one technician to operate the system and clean your pipes means cost savings for you! Other companies require two technicians to operate their jet pumps, which results in a larger bill for the same, if not less effective, pipe cleaning. Our advanced water jets easily blast through clogs in your pipes and spray them clean.