INX Technology has been performing HVAC system hygiene Air Duct Cleaning, Mold Remediation, Indoor Air Quality Inspections and related services since 1987. We're experienced in treating the full range of sitesfrom huge scale industrial and commercial facilities down to domestic properties.

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Choosing the right Indoor Air Quality Company is a very important decision. A quality mold or duct assessment takes extensive experience and attention to detail. Our experience enables INX to provide the highest quality services at very competitive prices. We promise to give you our very best, use every bit of our experience and answer every question you have to give you peace of mind about your family, business and property. It would be an honor and a privilege to serve you.

We have been performing successful mold remediation in Residential properties all over Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey for the past 21 years. Our residential projects range from small apartments and condominiums up to a 21,000 square foot mega mansion and everything in between. Our goal for every job is to ensure that by the time we are finished in your home, you can breathe comfortably knowing your home and family is protected. Our experiences have prepared us to handle any mold issue that is presented to us with ease.

We have been proudly servicing Commercial & Municipal clients including hospitals, colleges, universities, school districts, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, hotels, nursing homes, and restaurants for over 20 years. During that time we have successfully remediated mold issues in thousands of buildings with the main goal of helping our customers and their clients breathe easy. Schools, Colleges and Universities have been calling INX for over two decades to help them remediate mold in many areas of their facilities.

Air duct cleaning not only doesn't improve your indoor air quality, it can make it worse! Why? Because the typical dust, dirt, and contaminants settled in your ductwork were not created in your ductwork, they came from your house. If there's not a problem in your house, there's typically not a problem in your ducts. Obviously, there are extremes, and some really good reasons to thoroughly clean your ductwork. A major problem in the "so-called professional" Duct Cleaning Industry is that many Philadelphia Area Residential Duct Cleaning Contractors are not doing a thorough job.