Janitorial Cleaning Services:

* Housekeeping - Maid
* Day porter
* Windows washing
* Awnings
* Floors
* Buildings Maintenance Programs
* Emergency cleaning services (24/7)
* House, Apartment, Condo

ICC offers a wide range of services. We can handle it all, from small homes to large estates. Whatever your need, we can design a customized solution for you.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Emergency Cleaning Services (24/7)

Professional Associations & Certifications

  • International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association

Serviced Areas

  • New York State (Ithaca, Rochester, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Albany, Syracuse, New Hartford)

Payment Options

  • Cash Only, Money Orders, Personal Checks, Travelers Checks

Contact Details

  Person Ellie Rezek
  City Brooktondale , NY
  Zip Code 14817
  Address 1278 Coddington Rd.
  Phone Number (607) 227-3025
  Mobile (607) 697-3294
  Fax 888-706-5757

Business Representative

Ellie Rezek


Products & Services

Janitorial Services (Commercial & Residential Cleaning)

INDEPENDENCE CLEANERS CORP. is focused on providing high-quality cleaning service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Your home, apartment, condo, townhouse or office will be cleaned by trained professionals with a variety of offerings to choose from. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

  • I would recommend this business
  • They will do a good job and treat you like a valued customer.
  • none that I could find

To be perfectly honest, I hired this company because they were the cheapest cleaning company that didn't have terrible reviews, and it went pretty well. I was really happy with the service. I basically hired them because I had lived in my apartment for a year and did an OK job cleaning it, but it never had a really deep clean, so I figured it was time to have someone who knew what they were doing do that. This cleaning service is one of the best run small companies of any kind that I've dealt with, and I wouldn't hire anyone else to clean my apartment so long as they are in business.

I have three basic comments:

First, they actually did a pretty good job. And it was a good price (about $25 or $30 an hour).

Second, they were actually pretty good to me. I'm a college student, so dealing with reasonable people you can trust to be square is pretty nice. I got the feeling that this company really erred on the side of NOT shortchanging customers. For instance, they said it would take about 2 or 3 hours to clean my apartment over the phone when I told them roughly how big it was (one big room, a small room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and I have no idea how many square feet). It wound up taking almost exactly 2.5 hours to clean my apartment, but they insisted I only pay for 2 hours (I gave the extra as a tip). They worked quickly and didn't round up, even though they're paid hourly. I don't know how if they never round up, but whatever the case I definitely got the feeling these people will make an honest effort to be square with me whenever I hire them.

Third, this is a small company. They have people cleaning places in a pretty wide geographical area, so how fast you can get service kinda depends on where you live and if they can squeeze you in. I would guess you could probably-usually get someone in with a day or two of warning, but that seems to be more of a rule of thumb rather than an actual rule (its a small outfit so the more warning the better). If you have an urgent issue, they might also try to do same-day if they can schedule it, and it'll only cost a little bit extra. Basically, when you pick up the phone, you'll be talking to a real person who is busy and employs a bunch of busy people. They will do their very best to sell you a service as soon as they can, so just be reasonable and plan ahead.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

I contacted ICC to clean my (fairly nice) apartment after calling several other yelp-rated services, none of which responded satisfactorily. As ICC was lacking any yelp reviews, I had my doubts but tried anyway. Long story short, I scheduled a cleaning through this nice lady named Ellie, but the appointment fell through due to miscommunications on their end.

I called again to reschedule as it was imperative for me to have this done soon. Second time's the charm: they sent Martha, who came promptly at 8am and did great work around the house. My fairly disgusting kitchen became spotless, and the windows and floors were thoroughly cleaned. Martha had a great work ethic and was proactive in making sure everything was to my liking. Highly recommended!

The two ladies that came in to do my move-out cleaning for my apartment were incredible. My place was an absolute disaster and they had it sparkling clean very quickly and efficiently. The moved around the appliances to get behind every nook and cranny and every corner and space was completely thoroughly cleaned. I couldn't thank them enough for it when they were done.

You always get worried that people are going to overcharge you, or do a bad job, but they did a marvelous job for an extremely reasonable rate. Plus they work on weekends!