The seeds of Hot Shot. were planted in 1974 and it has been growing and evolving since. Initially, the prime focus of the firm was with real estate rehab work, primarily in the finishing end of this industry. Hot Shot continually looked for niches within the finish trades to fill, and began formally as Hot Shot Cleaning in 1978, catering to the burgeoning historic restoration market.

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  City Coplay, PA
  Zip Code 18037
  Address 21 South Second Str # 29
  Phone Number (610) 437-4980

From Our Website

Add instant value and curb appeal to your building or home by making your stone, brick, or masonry sparkle. We clean and repair damage caused by smoke, fire, flood & water, acid rain, vandals, sloppy painters, air conditioner run off, chalking paint stains (from aluminum siding and trim, etc.), weathering, tree falls, and more. Hot Shot's unique, behemoth, 37 horsepower diesel poweredmachine, coupled to a 1 million BTU boiler and top notch technicians can tackle the most difficult industrial, commercial, and residential cleaning or restoration jobs.

Hot Shot started out in the residential markets and although we became deeply steeped in commercial and industrial markets, we have always maintained a residential presence. Onething that makes Hot Shot so unique, is our ability to move seamlessly form one market to another. Our expertise in industrial and commercial applications allows us to offer homeowners higher quality solutions and material installations than most other homeowners, or contractors for that matter, even know exist. Hot Shot is dedicated to helping you maintain your home in the most cost effective manner.

The work we do often reminds me of a line in Big Yellow Taxi, a song originally done "back in the day",b y Joni Mitchell, I believe: "don't it always seem to go you don't know what you've got til its gone". More often than not people don't realize how beautiful their brick or stone fireplace is, the brick, stone or masonry walls of their homes, the pool decks, pavers or sidewalks are, until all of the dirt, soot, paint or pollution are gone. Call us to help you come "back into this day!"