Homeplace is committed to delivering the quality and reliable service you expect from a duct cleaning firm. Our technicians have over twenty five years knowledge in both domestic and commercial properties. look at our specials for domestic services. Residential Coupons Homeplace is bonded, licensed and insured.

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With over 35 years of technical experience, Homeplace is your local metro area duct cleaning, air conditioning and heating contractor. We are dedicated to providing highly trained technicians, quality service, and affordable pricing. We strongly believe in good, 'old-fashioned' service and customer satisfaction, and our technicians can ensure a clean and healthy breathing environment, in addition to a safe and efficiently operating heating, air conditioning, or refrigeration system in your home or office.

We have the expertise required to meet your needs for comfort, efficiency, and a healthy living environment. Homeplace Furnace takes a consultative approach in helping you understand options to maintain, repair, or replace your heating, refrigeration, air-conditioning, air quality, and water heater systems.

Millions of Americans have their home heating system and ductwork cleaned every two years, because the accumulation of dirt and dust can block airflow, causing your heating and cooling systems to be less efficient. That accumulation of dirt and dust provides the nutrients for molds, bacteria, mites, and allergens to reproduce and grow. Every time your system's fan is on, it forces these contaminants into the air you breathe. Each method uses our personally built truck-mounted vacuums with an 8-inch diameter vacuum hose for proper suction of debris from home.

Wherever you find an air handling system and building occupants, you'll find the need for a specialized air duct cleaning for poor indoor air quality. Dirty, neglected ventilation systems can be a source of indoor air pollution, allowing contaminants to build to dangerous levels. Biological contaminants, microbes, and mites that have multiplied in humidifiers, air conditioners, or the sides of the ductwork can be spread throughout a building. Sick Building Syndrome and other building-related illness are fast becoming a critical health concern and are raising many legal issues worldwide.

Our specially designed rotary air sweep, powered by 250 pounds of air pressure, is our primary approach to cleaning dryer vents. The air sweep is run in a reverse fashion from the exterior of the home back to the dryer vent connection several times. Each time the sweep is worked into the vent line, it forces lint and debris off the sidewalls where the technician can then collect it for disposal. Routine vent cleaning will keep the vent line operating safely and efficiently, and help prevent a costly dryer fire.