Carpet, upholstery, and other floor coverings can be the biggest investment in your home. Keeping them clean is key to getting the most from your investment. Our job is to supply a competent, capable and professional cleaning service to make sure that you are getting the most from your investment. Our service goes beyond just cleaning.

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At Good Housekeeping Inc. we are focused on making the air and surfaces in homes and businesses, safer and cleaner on a microscopic level. Our proprietary combination of new technologies enables us to decontaminate invisible and unreachable microscopic health hazards in a structure and all of its contents. Our methods and processes were created to fit the needs of a person with a compromised immune system, to those that just want to take control and provide safer air and surfaces in their home or business.

Welcome to Good Housekeeping Inc. and thank you for your interest in our company. We started our business in 1980 as a carpet, upholstery, and window cleaning business. As with many family owned and operated businesses, our mission is to deliver the best possible cleaning and customer service to all of our customers. Through the decades of interaction with our clients, and our desire to keep learning about our industry, we saw a segment of the market that was not being addressed and seemed to be critical to the health of some people that suffer with allergies, asthma, chronic inflammation or have a compromised immune system.

Just like in carpets and floors, all sorts of allergens and toxins can potentially build up within upholstered furniture. Therefore, it is important to use upholstery cleaning methods that are not only going to be able to effectively get rid of stains and other issues but also eliminate all of the things that you don't see. There are many ways that we can go about cleaning your upholstered furniture. Unlike many of the upholstery cleaning services Redwood City CA has to offer, some of our other home disinfection services protect and clean your upholstered furniture as well.

We are proud to offer Redwood City CA and surrounding area residents with a true Clo2 Gas Fumigation Process that reaches every place undetected micro-organisms can hide. When you spot mold in your home you really shouldn't take it lightly. It is true that different types of mold can have different effects on your overall health. Some are even practically harmless. Still, that should not be a reason why you would just allow mold to keep developing within your home. Our mold remediation procedures are designed to be able to guarantee not only nearly 100% removal of all of the mold particles but also doing so in a manner that is completely safe for you and your family.

Finding a good carpet cleaning company in the San Mateo CA area can prove to be difficult. Mainly because any company that offers some form of home cleaning service wants to venture into carpet cleaning. The problem is carpet cleaning is not as cut and dry as many people want to make it out to be. At least it should not be treated that way. You need to have the right tools to be able to remove not only the visible dirt and stains that are embedded in the carpets but also the microbes or toxins that can also be present on the surface.

Carpet and tile cleaning services have always been essentially regarded as polar opposites. To clean tile floors, usually more forceful methods are applied such as pressure washing. While with carpet cleaning you are more often than not, going to hear "softer" cleaning methods being talked about. The way that we see it, there are certain methods that can be applied, that could potentially benefit both surfaces. Our patented gas fumigation process, for example, can certainly be labeled as one of those procedures that can clean carpet and tile at the same time.