If you need your window blinds cleaned or repaired and you live in the Detroit or Ann Arbor, Michigan areas, you have come to the best place! Our commercial division is proud to serve most of Southeastern Michigan, including the Detroit, Ann Arbor, Jackson, and Flint areas.

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  City Canton, MI
  Zip Code 48188
  Phone Number (734) 495-1611

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You might have tried wiping your blinds down with a damp cloth, only to find that you've smeared the dirt all around and now the cords are even dirtier than they were before you started. BLAH! Or, you might have tried taking your blinds down and washing them in your bathtub. Good times. Maybe you've tried the old hose 'em down on your driveway method? Nice way to spend a beautiful day, huh? And we have so few of them here in Southeastern Michigan! You struggled with the heavy blinds and tangled cords only to realize that those darn blinds weren't much cleaner than when you started.

We provide blind cleaning and repairs for schools, restaurants, hospitals, medical and dental offices. As a business owner or manager, you take pride in your facilities. You know that first impressions are important. Maybe you have your employees clean your building on a regular basis. Or, maybe you've hired a high-quality commercial janitorial service to keep everything sparkling clean. But there's one thing you may have forgotten. Chances are, the people who are cleaning your facilities are also dusting your blinds routinely.