The Floor Care Company's cost-effective and environmentally friendly cleaning and maintenance keeps your carpet alive, at its finest, and where it belongs: on the floor and out of the landfill. Our dry carpet maintenance leaves your commercial carpet vibrant and visually appealing. That is why so many carpet manufacturers recommend it as the go-to system for maintaining their products.

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Our chosen work is caring for facilities, including the life that happens in them. What makes us solid is our diligence in going beyond the surface to grasp your brand, budget and culture, develop a customized Consolidated Care Plan, all with an advanced data management platform (ES4U) that assures immediate information and transparency. When working with SOLID, it all comes down to one: one partner, one contract, one invoice, and one point-of-contact for all your specialty surface care needs. Our culture is founded on building personal relationships which, like the best facilities, stand the test of time.

While most of our services focus on aesthetics and performance, SOLID also knows the impact a fresh, odorless environment makes on your space. SOLID will help eliminate odors in your spaces caused by smoking, food service, pets and more. Our odor neutralizer does not cover up smells; it eliminates them and prevents their return. In addition to neutralizing odor, it is also biodegradable, hypoallergenic and reduces microbial growth in carpet. Whether it's a light scratch or a deep gouge in your stone, metal or wood, SOLID's master craftsmen make seamless repairs or complete restorations by delicately balancing traditional techniques with industry-leading products and equipment.

With floor plans that identify every surface in your facility, our team of experts recommend maintenance strategies using information from the discovery session, site observations, manufacturers' recommendations and years of experience. We deliver a Consolidated Care Plan that provides frequencies and methods of care for each surface type - all with one partner, one contract, one invoice and one point of contact. CHECK-IN: We implement regular follow-ups, post service inspections and Quality Assurance Surveys.

Every commercial carpet is an investment in a company's brand and image. Protecting the life of that investment is best accomplished through a proactive, frequency-driven maintenance plan that takes into account the age of the carpet, and the amount of use and wear each carpeted area is subjected to. This is how SOLID creates the right Consolidated Care Plan for your carpet, facility and budget. Our approach is first to understand all the variables associated with your carpet surfaces and identify specific needs based on those details.