We set the standard by which other upholstery and carpet cleaning firms are judged. Our 1st class service, unsurpassed quality, and competitive pricing add up to the highest value available in upholstery and carpet care. FiberKing is the Area's only CRI Certified and IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaner. FiberKing services the greater Kane, DuPage, and McHenry county area of Illinois.

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  City Aurora, IL
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  Phone Number (630) 859-8805

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Since entering the professional cleaning business in 1976 I have literally seen it all! My late father owned and operated a commercial janitorial service handling large industrial facilities. I would help him on the weekends emptying trash cans, cleaning desks and ashtrays, yes ashtrays, mop floors and eventually learn the art of stripping and waxing commercial VCT tile, (the white stuff you see or used to see in many office type settings). After years of helping in the family business he added carpet cleaning to the list of offerings to his already successful operation.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a healthy indoor environment by removing many of the indoor contaminants. This includes dirt, grime, odors and irritants that trigger allergic reactions. Throughout our history we have developed superior technology and processes with one goal in mind - a healthy indoor environment! Q-I have heard once I have my carpet cleaned it will soil up quicker and never look the same. A-Quality cleaning solutions that Fiberking utilizes will leave no soil attracting residue.

Fiberking Carpet Cleaning Of St. Charles started in a small 1-bedroom apartment and has since grown into a commercial location working for some of the most well-known, high-end stores in the area. Let us bring our level of quality upholstery and carpet cleaning to your home by contacting us today. We are here to improve the quality of life in your living spaces. Nobody restores funrniture like Fiberking Carpet Clenaing Of St. Charles! We offer both moisture and dry cleaning methods and specialize in delicate, hard to clean fabrics.

Tile floors are a common fixture in many homes, especially in kitchen areas. Unfortunately, it's very easy for these areas to get dirty. Food crumbs, drink spills, pets, and kids are just some of the reasons why you may need to clean your tile and grout. Unfortunately, grout easily absorbs dirt and moisture, making it look dingy and dirty over time. If it is not cleaned eventually, it will develop into an eyesore. Many people try to combat this by mopping the tile, but this does not do a thorough job.

Disaster can strike at a moments notice. A water damage disaster can be a nightmare if handled by an inexperienced person or company. A supply line to a washing machine, a sump pump failure or clogged window well drain can lead to thousands of dollars in damage. If you have a flood issue, you need to pick up the phone and call our flood damage restoration crews at Fiberking in St. Charles, IL. We have years of experience, shelves of specialized drying equipment and more importantly, the knowledge and expertise to dry your home or business the correct way.

Most "carpet cleaners, " claim to offer this service but few get it right, mainly in part because Oriental Rug cleaning requires a large amount of knowledge, experience and technical aptitude. These type of textiles, mainly natural fiber require different cleaning solutions and methods to avoid damage. The company cleaning these delicate rugs must have knowledge of color crocking, dye bleeding, dye migration, rug construction, and what to do and when. Don't trust your rug to a fast talking carpet cleaner that will most likely throw it on his shop floor and steam clean it like wall to wall carpet.

Indoor air quality is a growing concern these days. Many experts including the EPA claim indoor air can be 70-80x more contaminated than outdoor air and for good reason. Pet dander, dust mites, germs, cigarette smoke, allergens, particulate matter, dust, mold spores etc. are a few reasons you need to be concerned about the indoor air you and your family breath! Many of these contaminants can aggravate allergies, asthma and other respiratory conditions. Dirty air ducts also put a strain on HVAC equipment and most efficiency is diminished.

Pet odor and staining can be challenging for many homeowners! Animal urine can become a multi layered problem that requires location of the entire deposit in order to achieve maximum results. In order to do this we incorporate the use of a moisture meter and a special UV lamp. Many carpet cleaners will try and mask odors with a simple water based deodorizer, this will usually last a few hours before the area starts to off gas again. The first step in any odor situation is to remove the source. We locate with pin point accuracy the area of concern and treat with an arsenal of solutions depending on the severity of the situation.