I just wanted you to know what a wonderful feeling it was to come home and walk into my house and see what a fabulous job you once again had done with our carpets. We had what I call a Pastel Christmas some call Easter, but if you would have seen the chocolate, the eggs, the - I do not even know what - messes on our carpet - and all I thought was - that is OK - Jim will get it clean - and that is what happened.

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Our commercial carpet cleaning service has the ability to produce a superior level of cleanliness compared to most other companies. We know that commercial carpet cleaning and residential carpet cleaning differ in many ways. First, the traffic volume is generally greater with commercial establishments compared to that of residential homes. Offices, non-profit organizations and other businesses tend to have the public and employees walking about to a greater degree because of the sheer numbers of people and activities happening at any one time.

The most important aspect of soil management is preventing as many contaminants as possible from entering a building or home. It has been said that up to 85% of all soil in a building enters on the soles of the shoes. Thus, a high quality entrance mat will help cut maintenance. Since an entrance mat obstructs soil at the door, it is localized. Most all entrance mats claim to stop soil and water at the door. A high quality mat will also provide a space to store soil and water until the mat is cleaned.

We're talking about the carpet stain that just keeps coming back. You have cleaned it. You have had your carpets cleaned professionally. It's back again. If you're here, you're probably fed up and just want it gone whatever the cause. There are two most basic reasons for these stains reoccurring. First, the spot is not being totally removed. Secondly, it is a NEW spot continually happening. One of the most obvious reasons for stains remaining after a carpet cleaning is because the spot has not been cleaned out of the carpet to begin with.

If you have never had your carpets professionally cleaned before, it is only natural to wonder what the price would be. If you are having your carpet professionally cleaned, it is also only natural to wonder if you are getting a good value. Finding the proper balance of quality and value especially with a service such as carpet cleaning can be extremely difficult. Prices vary from company to company and there can be somewhat of a large price range for the same perceived amount of work. Carpet cleaning prices can APPEAR to vary even more.

Many offices and commercial properties in Pinellas County are making a mistake when it comes to maintaining their carpet. Sure, it may be convenient to just have it included in the janitorial contract but is it the best choice? Choosing to have the janitorial maintenance company maintain your commercial carpet is sometimes not a wise choice. Flooring in a commercial building represents a substantial investment. By maintaining this investment properly money can be saved in the long run. This is true with all types of commercial flooring but especially so with carpeting.

How important is carpet and rug maintenance? It is essential if you want to extend the life of your carpet and increase your indoor air quality. Dry soil trapped in your carpet fibers have rough edges. These rough edges can cause damage to your carpet fibers. The soil gets into you carpet from dust, shoes, pets, spills and many other sources. When the soil gets on the carpeting, foot traffic will grind the soil deeper into the fiber and cut the fiber causing premature wear on the carpeting. The soil can then be removed but the damage is already done.

There are a few problems with carpeting that cannot be corrected with any carpet cleaning. It is easier to prevent problems if you are aware of the causes of permanent damage. At first, some are easier to spot than others are. Apparent soiling, wear, fading and permanent stains cannot be corrected with cleaning. Apparent soiling is exactly what you would expect. These are things that may make your carpets appear to be soiled when they really are not. Reflection and lack of reflection of light and shadows would all fall into this category.

After using our services, we think you will not hesitate to offer our name to your friends, family and co-workers who are in need of our services. In fact, for years this was our main source of new carpet cleaning clients even without a referral program. We were discussing an advertising budget and we decided we could not gain more enthusiastic supporters than our own delighted customers. Our referral program was born. This is how it works.