We used several carpet cleaning services and none could match the professionalism, quality of service, and value offered by Chris Augusto of Dream Carpets. We believe the cleaning products Chris uses are the safest for our home and kids. Our Tile floor looked so dirty & discolored, I was ready to pull it up & replace. Dream Carpets came in and cleaned and sealed the floor.

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Our mission has always been "to provide our clients with the highest quality, unmatched service experience ever." We refuse to use discount, inferior cleaning products because frankly, these products are made with the cheapest, toxic chemicals and their residue is unsafe for your family and pets. We realize that preparing to get your carpets, tile, or furniture cleaned can be overwhelming. We promise to treat you, your home, family, and pets with the courtesy and care they deserve. This is what makes Dream Carpets unique from our competition.

My name is Chris Augusto. I am the president of Dream Carpets, Inc. Dream Carpets, Inc is a "Father & Son" owned and operated boutique cleaning company. We provide the highest quality cleaning solutions to residential and commercial clients in Rhode Island and South Eastern Massachusetts. We take pride in offering your family the safest Green Carpet Cleaning. From our inception in 2006, we have changed the carpet cleaning industry in Rhode Island and South Eastern Massachusetts. Being a homeowner myself, with (2) Bassett Hounds, my carpets continually needed cleaning.

Did you know you spend a third of your life at work? Whether you have a commercial office or retail establishment, clean carpet just makes sense. Having your carpets cleaned regularly by Dream Carpets will not only maintain a cleaner, healthier environment but also extend the life of your investment. For just a few cents per square foot, you can enjoy a cleaner, healthier, and more attractive environment. Call Dream Carpets today to schedule a commercial carpet analysis and free demonstration of our service!

The enemy of hardwood floors is water. The conventional concept is to dust and/or clean your hardwood flooring with a soapy mop. While this process will not show any deterioration at first, after 20-30 soapymop cleanings, you will experience streaking and dullness. Often, we also find property owners that use a mixture of vinegar and water for hardwood floor cleaning, but unfortunately, this method causes further damage to delicate wood as well. We don't just clean carpets. We also provide cleaning and maintenance programs to protect the long term beauty of your hardwood floors.

Frustrated with Dirty Tile & Grout? Before you consider replacing or re-grouting your tile because of soil build-up, give us a call. We can save you time and money by rejuvenating the original look of your tile & grout. Our cleaning method removes 90% of the soil which has impregnated the surface of your grout lines. Dream Carpets employs the latest technology to thoroughly clean and rejuvenate your soiled and tile & grout. Protect your Grout: Once your floor has been renewed to "like new" condition, we recommend having your grout sealed, especially in your kitchen area.

Unlike traditional carpet cleaning companies who use discounted, inferior products that are made with the cheapest, toxic chemicals, Dream Carpets is proud to use the Safest, Green Seal Approved cleaning agents to clean your carpets & upholstery. Our EXCLUSIVE Green Cleaning technology contains No Soap, has No Odorand leaves No Residue! No Residue means no chemical residue and your carpets and upholstery stay cleaner longer. At Dream Carpets, Inc, we also know that every carpet's situation is unique.

If you're one of the 70 million Americans that suffer from allergies or allergic illnesses such as asthma or sinusitis you already know how miserable they can be. What you may not know is that dust mite and pet allergen found indoors are one of the leading causes of allergic diseases. And people with relatively mild allergies can develop very serious, chronic, and even life threatening illnesses if they continue to be exposed to these allergens. There is now a revolutionary new anti-allergen cleaning and treatment program called the Responsible Care System that allows your cleaning professional to safely, easily, and affordably reduce the levels of these serious allergens by 90% or more!

Dream Carpets Specialists are experienced in cleaning all fabric types. We strongly advise our customers to have their furniture cleaned once a year. Your furniture, along with your textile floor coverings are the largest filters in your home. Having your textiles cleaned regularly will not only extend the life of your investment but make your home a healthy place to live. There are dust mites, pollen & dander embedded in your furniture. They continue to multiply when your furniture is not cleaned regularly.