Done Rite Carpet Cleaning is how you should get your carpets cleaned right. Our company services in Seattle,lynnwood and along the Puget Sound area. What makes our company unique is that we use the state of the art Rotovac Powerwand to get your carpets cleaner and drier than the manual wand that most carpet cleaners use.

Why should you choose Done Rite Carpet Cleaning?

The Rotovac Powerwand that our company uses has two rotating heads that thoroughly agitates the carpet to fully dislodge any stubborn stains or debris. On each rotating head has three jet sprays to soften any tough stains, and three vacuum slots to pick up loose material. If you are looking for a quality carpet cleaning in Lynnwood, Shoreline, Seattle and the surrounding areas give us a call today.

We not only use the motorized Rotovac Powerwand to provide your carpets the ultimate clean, but we also pair it with our powerful Hydramaster truck mount that puts out up to 220 degrees of hot water.

Serviced Areas

  • Seattle, Shoreline, Northgate, Lynnwood, Edmonds, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah, West Seattle, South Seattle, Kent, Renton, & Surrounding Areas

Payment Options

  • Cash Only, Personal Checks

Contact Details

  City Seattle, WA
  Zip Code 98125
  Address 12740 30th ave ne
  Phone Number (206) 715-4685
  Mobile (206)715-4685

Products & Services

House Cleaning

Even the cleanliest of people sometimes lack the time to maintain their homes and keep their living spaces to their tidy standards. With how professional working lifestyles are these days, it seems that busy schedules are a thing more common then ever. And because of this, many, if not all working individuals are put in a position where they do in fact want to clean, but simply cannot due to time constraints. So, where these working folk have turned, despite their cleanliness and desire to be tidy, are to cleaning options offered from a little something called a Maid Service. A maid service, you might be asking with a hushed tone? Yes, that's right. A maid service.

Hiring A Maid Service Is More Common Than Ever

Truth is that with the trend of being too busy to simply clean, maid services have looked upon not only as appealing but as quite a convenience and are now a commonly used service for working individuals, mothers and fathers alike. As such, maid services have been booming with business lately. And many individuals watching this trend swiftly spread like blown dust into the air have been curious as to what king of maid service opportunities are available for them and just what they can provide.

Gutter Cleaning Services

What can happen if you neglect your gutters? Worse case scenario would be major damage to your property's foundation. Due to the massive amount of water weight being held above, neglected gutters and downspouts can overfill, allowing water to fall and erode the foundation. Least case scenario would be the gutters working their way loose and warping, leaving you with a costly repair bill.

Roof Cleaning certain low pitch roofs only

You might not realize it, but investing in roof cleaning products or services is not just about having a good-looking house (though this is a nice side-benefit) . More importantly, it's about making the effort to keep up with a maintenance issue that, if ignored, can lead to bigger problems in the future. Those ugly black streaks that you've probably noticed on your roof are a product of Gloeocapsa Magma, which is an extremely hardy kind of blue-green algae. Algae might seem innocent enough, but the truth is that if allowed to run wild it will eventually begin to compromise the integrity and overall health of your asphalt shingles.

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