Thank you for your interest in DomesticAide Home Cleaning Services. Our mission is to make your life easier. DomesticAide is not a franchise. We are pleased to be locally owned & operated. As members of your community we've been delivering our clients with quality service and peace of mind for over twenty years. After a challenging day you will love stepping into your freshly cleaned home.

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  City Tulsa, OK
  Zip Code 74145
  Address 5401 South Sheridan Rd # 203
  Phone Number (918) 622-7475

From Our Website

Your satisfaction is what keeps us in business. We want to develop a long-term professional relationship with you, and realize that will only occur if you consistently receive the first class service that has made us Tulsa's most trusted home cleaning service. Quality is our number one priority. That's why our quality assurance manager makes unannounced inspections while our crews are cleaning your home. We want to make certain your home is cleaned to the DomesticAide standard. They have an amazing attention to detail and this is consistent every single time they clean for us.

Your kitchen (with its well-loved pots), your closet (with that secret shoe collection), and all the other spaces that make your house your home deserve to be treated with care! Don't think of us just as your house-cleaning service, but as your good friends who happen to come with a mop, broom, and sanitizer in-hand. One of our fundamental values is trust. We want you to trust us when we come into your home to clean, and we want to trust you with our amazing staff. Homes are for family, and we are honored to be invited to come in (even to clean them!).

We don't know about you but it's hard for us to be productive in a messy environment. The dishes in the sink and the puppy's pawprints all over the rug by the door all make it hard to focus on anything but. the mess. The master of the mess herself, Marie Kondo, said From the moment you start tidying, you will be compelled to reset your life. As a result, your life will start to change. Reset your life by letting us reset your home with a deep and thorough cleaning. A clean space will even affect your health.

At DomesticAid, we pride ourselves on offering full-service cleaning, but we know that your life is busy and ever-changing. We don't want to limit your options! With our A La Carte cleaning services, you can hire us to come in and check off only the cleaning to-do's you want us to! There are many pros of A La Carte cleaning. If you have a particular way of folding your clothes, you can just have us come in and clean your laundry room and put some loads in the wash. If you hate having a messy fridge (and no one really has time to clean their fridge, let's be honest), we can clean it for you.

They have an amazing attention to detail and this is consistent every single time they clean for us. They offer fair prices and the communication from them is good. I am comfortable having them in my home. The company has been responsive to any concern I've had and they can tailor the cleaning to your home. The cleaning is fantastic and worth every penny I paid. Right now I have Domestic Aide clean my home every two weeks and the work they do is outstanding. I have 2 cats in a small one-bedroom condo and after they leave the condo looks spectacular.

Do you have a busy business? Or do your customers bring in grit and grime but you have no capacity to spend your day cleaning out the office? First impressions are important, and we want your customers to walk into your business and see everything sparkle (and smell amazing). Let us help your workspaces look immaculate and welcoming for you and your customers! Your business deserves it! When you choose DomesticAid for your commercial cleaning needs, we will take care of cleaning your space with excellence so you can focus on the business at hand!

A clean home will always make a positive impression. This is especially true if you are trying to interest buyers. If you are looking to put your house on the market or are a real estate agent needing to stage a home, we can help. From the hidden closet in the kid's playroom to your living room, let us come in and make everything shine with the potential that's there. If you have a home that you are putting on the market, we can give it some extra shine and organization with our one-time professional cleaning service.

DomesticAide is proud to be a founding member and the only official Tulsa Chapter of Cleaning for a Reason. Fighting cancer is as tough as it gets; trying to live a normal life while you're battling cancer is even tougher. When the treatment zaps all of your energy cleaning your home isn't possible for days at a time. Cleaning for a Reason is a nonprofit organization, serving the United States and Canada, which has organized maid services that are willing to provide FREEprofessional house cleanings to help women undergoing cancer treatment.