Tell a friend about this site. PetPeePee System is not a Steam or Dry Cleaning System. PetPeePee System Does Not use any deodorizer, detergent, or enzymes to mask the urine odor. Mr. D. Martin, Inventor and Owner of PetPeePee System, came to the US as a wildlife photographer. His passion and love for wildlife has now returned and has progressed with new age technology.

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What makes PetPeePee service different than any other Oriental rug cleaning service in the market? Cleaning Oriental rugs from dirt and soil is maybe a job for ordinary carpet cleaners. However, if you came to this site because you have a strong urine odor in your beautiful antique/New Oriental rug, Area Carpet or Drapery you need a different process; this is what PetPeePee service is designed for. PetPeePee hasinvented a cleaning product made from: Organic Dead Sea minerals, that is odor-free.

The PetPeePee System is a revolutionary organic cleaning service that is specialized in removing dog and cat urine odor from Oriental rugs, Furniture, Draperies and more. The PetPeePee System has provided unprecedented service for over 20 years (1991). Family owned and operated, the PetPeePee System is the only company in the industry to ensure the removal of pet urine odor using Natural Cleaning Products from the Dead Sea. Designed by Meir Martin, the PetPeePee System uses specialized machinery that provides a clean unlike any other.

PetPeePee System's Oriental rugcleaning from dog and cat urine odor is guaranteed, in writing. PetPeePee's state-of-the-art facility with its patent-pending machinery is unlike any other carpet cleaning system in the industry. Oriental rugs, area rugs, silk rugs, antique rugs, and other high quality carpets are cleaned by our ‘vacuum floor' that cleans and removes dog and cat urine odorthrough the rug (see video below to view the process). By cleaning and removing urine odorthroughthe rug rather than just the surface, you can rest assure that all the urine, dirt, grim and other debris is flushed out of the rug.

PetPeePee System's Drapery cleaning from dog and cat urine odor is revolutionary. At PetPeePee System, we understand that draperies can be custom made and very high-end. Unfortunately, your dog or cat doesn't care how expensive your drapes are and can mark on them repeatedly causing a very unpleasant odor. With the combination of cleaning products, heat from the outside, and humidity, the smell only gets worse and worse. Using Naturally Blended Minerals from the Dead Sea that are odor free, pet friendly, and organic, the urine odor will never be masked by other smells; you either smell pee or you don't!