You'll be served by the finest, upholstery and carpet cleaning team Orange County has to provide. Call the specialists at Diamond Carpet Care. Our expert technicians are friendly and highly trained. Clean your carpets and bring back vitality and a fresh look to your floors. We specialize in Microfiber Fabric, most firms lack the expertise to clean.

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  City Alexandria, VA
  Zip Code 22310
  Address 6507 Enfield Drv
  Phone Number (703) 719-5600

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What are you looking for in a service provider? Most people look for peace of mind when shopping for Home Services. Know that Diamond Carpet Care is an honest and reliable company that offers quality workmanship in the areas of carpet, upholstery and tile & grout cleaning. For more than 20 years, our expert technicians have provided superior customer service to Orange County residents, restaurants and commercial businesses. Try choosing a company that delivers one of the best services, at a reasonable price, not the cheapest price.

Diamond Carpet Care is a quality carpet and upholstery cleaning company serving most Orange County cities, including: Orange, Anaheim Hills, Yorba Linda, Placentia, Tustin, Villa Park, Santa Ana, North Tustin, Irvine, Lemon Heights, Cowan Heights, Newport Coast and Fullerton. We take pride in the excellent and valuable service we provide. At Diamond Carpet Care, we will tackle even your toughest challenges in carpet, tile & grout, fine rugs, and upholstery care. Call Diamond Carpet Care today and find out why we have long-term, successful relationships with our clients.

Upholstery surfaces must be cleaned often. If the surfaces are not cleaned, dust mites, dirt, and allergens will cause problems. Diamond Carpet Care provides great upholstery cleaning services that keep environments healthy. Various surfaces in homes will gain grass stains, mud stains, and dirt stains. These kinds of stains are tough to remove if professional cleaning procedures are not used. Upholstery surfaces also gain food stains and pet stains. Pets stains are very challenging, so efficient cleaning techniques are needed.

When it comes to making a lasting impression, the cleanliness of your commercial business can tell people a lot about the company. The last thing you want to do is entertain new clients and the first thing that they see when they walk in your business offices are dirty soiled carpeting. A cleaning crew can only vacuum so much of the dirt and debris, but removing those heavy traffic stains requires the help of a professional in the carpet cleaning industry. At Diamond Carpet Care we can transform those dirty and heavy soiled carpets to their original new like condition.

Diamond Carpet Care has master techniques for dealing with stubborn stains left behind by your pets. Our specialized steam cleaning unit removes odors and stains. Your pet is a member of the family, and you open your home to your furry friend. Unfortunately, over time, pets can leave stains and odors on your carpet, and that is an unwanted nuisance. Our staff possesses the tools and knowledge to return your carpets to a more compatible state for your comfort. While there are products on the market you can use to reduce pet odor, we have the newest technologies to get your carpets to a more pristine level of clean.

Your tile needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent elements to seep in and lift the grout out. Our technicians can clean the sediments from your tile and help reduce the chances of your grout lifting. Is your tile looking old and dingy but you're not quite ready to have it replaced? Imagine if a tile cleaning service could make it look like new! That's exactly what Diamond Carpet Care can do for you. When you want something done in your home, you want a friendly yet professional staff that offers high-quality service at an affordable cost and that's exactly what you'll get when you hire our trained staff at Diamond Carpet Care.

Caring for the carpet in your home can be a full time job. Research indicates that using a steam cleaning unit provides the best cleaning system for your carpet. Diamond Carpet Cleaners provides a cost effective and time effective solution. Professional carpet cleaning services are needed for various reasons. Diamond Carpet Care technicians are knowledgeable; we use the proper cleaning procedures for each carpet cleaning task. Children and pets commonly cause many stains at residential locations.

Often a dingy rug can make a room look dirty and dismal. For a fraction of the cost of a new rug, Diamond Carpet Care can restore your old one to look brand new. We can remove pet stains and odors and bring your living or work space back to life. Area rugs looking a little dingy and drab? An uncared for area rug can throw off your entire decor, leaving your room looking drab and dingy. When you have a dirty carpet problem, you may be tempted to clean your area rugs yourself. However, area rugs are more delicate than whole room carpeting and require specific cleaning techniques.