Upholstery Cleaning Dallas TX is committed to delivering the finest household maintenance cleaning services to its clients through the safest and most professional means possible. These professional services include the cleaning of carpets, upholstery, rugs, and furniture in order for clients to acquire the cleanest home possible.

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  City Dallas, TX
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  Address 1827 Caddo Street
  Phone Number (817) 886-9948

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A home that's truly clean takes a certain amount of time and expertise. Choosing the right upholstery cleaners for your home means you're working with an organization that goes well beyond surface clean in order to provide furniture that is clean in the areas where it matters most. Upholstery Cleaning Dallas understands the important people who use your furniture on a daily basis. We know that you're committed to providing your family, friends, and pets with a safe place to rest, relax, and play.

The upholstery cleaning method that we use most on upholstery fabrics is steam cleaning. This method which is also called the extraction method uses pressurized jets of hot steam to loosen embedded dirt from the fibers. It is also one of the most Eco-Friendly methods as non-toxic chemicals or harsh detergents are required. We use truck mounted equipment which means all the heavy machinery stays outside. More importantly these truck mounted units are extremely powerful ensuring the most efficient extraction process possible.

Everybody has some favorite Furniture in the house whether it's a couch a sofa or a different item. It is there with you in family reunions and many other special moments. The years go by and they often lose their spark but you are so attached to it you do not want to throw it away. And you shouldn't. We can help you get them back to life. Our technicians are highly trained professionals that will get your upholstered furniture as close as they can be to their original condition so you can keep enjoying them like you used to.

Your sleep gets you energized during the day. You have to get a good night sleep so you can function better at your job or while taking care of your kids. There are lots of factors to a good healthy night sleep one of them is the mattress. Well we can't help you get the neighbors dog to be quite but we sure can help you cleaning your mattress. Most people are not aware of the fact that our body (as clean as you can get it) still leaves dirt on the mattress such as body soils & dead skin cells that causes a large accumulation of bacteria, fungi and dust mites in the mattress.

Whether your kids jumped on the leather couch in the living or you came back from a lovely dinner and spilled something on your leather jacket it's always a big mess. You are always thinking if you should try clean it yourself or call a professional. Well in most cases you can do it yourself but when it comes to expensive things you don't want to leave a room for doubt. Therefore you should order a leather cleaning service. And that's where we come in. You don't have to panic we will take care of everything.