My Cleaning Process
I use the carpet cleaning process called steam cleaning or hot water extraction. It is the process recommended by most major carpet manufacturers because of its effectiveness and gentleness on the carpet.

What's included?

Vacuuming: I thoroughly vacuum your carpet. This is an important step skipped by most carpet cleaners. It is much easier to remove soil when it is dry before you apply a pre-spray and turn it into mud. You remove more soil when you pre-vacuum the carpet first.

Pre-treating: Some cleaners actually charge for this. I pre-treat all of your carpet with our all natural carpet cleaner. The cleaner has no dangerous solvents, petrochemicals and no soap or detergent.

Light furniture moving: I move most furniture like chairs and end tables. We also move couches in living rooms and dens. We do not move electronics, dressers, beds, sectionals, etc.

Extraction: Using a powerful 31 horsepower truck mounted cleaning unit I thoroughly rinse the carpet with fresh water. Our cleaning units are capable of heating the water to 230 degrees with vacuum power strong enough to leave it only slightly damp.

Drying: I use a powerful drying fan to speed up the drying process and leave your carpets dry to the touch in only 1-2 hours.* No more waiting days for your carpet to dry.
Spot cleaning: I do a final walkthrough of your home and make sure that I have not missed any spots. Just call me a perfectionist.

Contact Details

  City Dallas, TX
  Phone Number (972) 922-7878