County Services is an elite group of dedicated individuals who embrace a set of core values: Respect, Confidence, Integrity, and Readiness. County Services has been delivering customers with cleaning and remediation services located on a reputation built on integrity and honesty, since 1992.

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  City West Chester, PA
  Zip Code 19382
  Address 319 Westtown Rd
  Phone Number (610) 918-9698

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Unexpected events can cause serious damage and costly repairs to your home. If not restored properly, these damages have consequential negative impacts on your building structure and your family. Our certified team is highly trained and constantly renewing their skills. This allows our team to continuously keep the highest quality standards. People call us when they are desperate for help when a disaster strikes their lives, homes or businesses. At any time, we are ready to help. Water can destroy your property in different ways.

County Action Restoration is a team of elite specialists who provide a wide variety of restoration services, including immediate response when disaster strikes. Since 1992, we've offered the highest levels of technical expertise to fully restore properties to their pre-loss condition. While we restore property, we also restore peace of mind. We provide to property owners a detailed understanding of the restoration process, documenting the loss every step of the way, and ensuring they have the support they need to successfully navigate the often-confusing maze that is property restoration.

Carpet cleaning services by County Action Restoration get deeper, faster-drying carpets for better air quality in safer homes and businesses. Our process incorporates 27 years of expertise to remove allergens, particles, and bacteria to improve air quality. Your carpets should be cleaned thoroughly and frequently, dry quickly to minimize downtime, and create a healthier environment. Whether from the kids, pets, or general foot traffic, carpets collect contaminants from the outside. Hence, our carpet cleaning process effectively eliminates allergens and bacteria.

Every time you turn on your heating and cooling system, these particles circulate in your ducts and are blown out through your home's vents. With air duct cleaning services, we remove these contaminants to improve the air quality in your home. An air duct cleaning is a multi-step process involving inverted air blown through your system to flush the particles to a collector and a two-side flexible rotative brush that cleans residual contaminants stuck on the surface of your ducts. Contact us for a FREE estimate!

Wet buildings must be rapidly dried to prevent the significant health risks and liability of secondary damage such as mold and damage to structural elements and contents. We dry water losses fast, which allows us to restore rather than replace structural elements and allows you to get back to a normal lifestyle fast. We have been serving residential and commercial clients in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Northern Delaware since 1992. Water Damage is a Serious Matter. Therefore, County Action Restoration specializes in residential and commercial water damage no matter the causes.

Black water is teeming with thousands of disease causing viruses, bacteria and protozoa that can cause very serious illnesses if not properly treated. We're ready to respond whenever losses occur. Our clients' health and safety are our primary concerns when a black water loss occurs. The County Action Restoration team follows an exclusively developed program to mitigate "black water" flooding and other sewer-related damage. We restore property but we also restore peace of mind by offering the property owner a detailed understanding of the restoration process.