Concord Custom Cleaners is a retail chain of drycleaning stores with locations throughout Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio and Tennessee. Our corporate headquarters are in Lexington, Kentucky. Concord has been in the drycleaning business for over fifty years.

Contact Details

  City Bellevue, KY
  Zip Code 41073
  Address 56 Donnermeyer Drv
  Phone Number (859) 581-6600

From Our Website

Drycleaning solvents remove soil and stains from fabrics without penetrating the fibers as water does. Solvents are not harmful to most fabrics and compared to water, cause less shrinkage, color fading and other problems that can occur during the cleaning process. Overall, solvents provide better cleaning potential than water. Solvents long utilized in drycleaning include perchloroethylene and petroleum-based solvents. In addition, the recent development of C02 as a drycleaning solvent has introduced yet another potentially effective solvent.