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Compounds are aggressive products designed to cut painted surfaces. These products offer a much faster cut than polishes when removing most types of surface imperfections in the paint. Both macro and micro abrasives are the most popular materials used for scratches. They usually produce swirls which are buffed out with polishes or filled in with. Our pledge to you: We promise you the highest quality, complete satisfaction, prompt and dependable service with friendly, courteous support at a competitive price.

In our catalog you will find one of the finest array of products and information available in the automotive, industrial, and transportation industries. Many of the cleaning formulations we have developed ourselves. This keeps quality high and price down. We will develop customer specific formulations in order to suit your special needs or problems. Problem solving is our specialty. You find several"how to" or procedural pages on this website! Knowing how to detail, which products to use, including the procedural order which is critical to your success.

Finally, retreat fabric with Blue Interior Shampoo diluted 8:1 with water for heavy cleaning, 16:1 for normal soil and 32:1 as a general cleaner. If you have a fabric soil extractor, we recommend any Thoro-Matic model, using Carpet XtraX diluted 64:1 with water. Product should be added to solution tank only after proper dilution. Use extractor as directed by the manufacturer. For more foaming action, for use by hand, try our Carpet Bragger (high foaming) upholstery cleaner concentrate, diluted up to 32:1 with water.