We supply environmentally safe cleaning, restoration and protective coatings for domestic, commercial, and industrial industries. We use state-of-the-art hot and cold water cleaning equipment. We supply Workers Compensation insurance for all our employees. We have over eighteen years knowledge. We can supply ample references in all kinds of our work.

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  City Greensboro, NC
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Concrete and brick driveways, sidewalks and patios are very accessible to a wide variety of stains and build up. Over time airborne dirt, mold, mildew, rust, tree stains, oil and automobile stains tend to take a toll on masonry surfaces. Clean Wash and Restoration Incorporated is equipped with 200+ degree hot water, special detergents, 4,000psi and commercial surface cleaners. Quite honestly for residential customers all we need is "sometimes" chemicals but cold water machines with proper pressure through a surface cleaning machine is what gets the job done.

Sidewalks are the first thing your customers see when entering your business or rental property. With increased customer traffic, drink spills, gum and other stains, sidewalks can become very unpleasant to the eyes of your customers. Clean Wash and Restoration Incorporated uses 200+ degree hot water, safe detergents and high pressure with commercial surface cleaners to remove the stuck on mess. This process can be done during the day or in the evening hours to insure no interruption of your daily business.

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Did you know that Mold & Mildew affects as many as 29 percent of us with allergic reactions? It is true; these unwanted growths are the third most common allergic agents, according to New York Clinical Ecologist, Dr. Alfred V. Zamm. After mold finds damp, warm, poorly ventilated area, mold immediately starts to reproduce, bloom, then send new spores floating though the air looking for more areas to infest. There are approximately 100,000 species of fungi known, but to be more specific, our exterior house mold is called Aspergillus Niger or Black Bread Mold.