Clean Masters can instantly locate the origin of leaks that are invisible to the naked eye, prevent major water damage and aid save you repair costs. Get your Weather forecast and call us to prepare for Emergency Disaster Restoration Services.

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When you contact your insurance company before contacting a reliable cleaning and restoration company you may suffer from negative consequences that you may not be aware of. Most insurance companies have a list of contractors that they work with on a regular basis. The relationship your insurance company forms with these 3rd party contractors often leads to the contractors having the insurance companies' best interests in mind, and not yours. Fortunately, you do have the right to choose which cleaning and restoration company you want to use.

Clean Masters Disaster Restoration Services provides professional cleaning and emergency restoration services in Charleston, Harleyville, Orangeburg, Reevesville, Ridgeville, Saint George, Summerville, Walterboro, and surrounding communities in South Carolina. Clean Masters was founded in January 1990 by Rodney Faulling. Rodney's hard work and determination helped grow his business from a single man operation to a company with a full fleet of trucks and a terrific staff dedicated to meeting the needs of their customers.

Water damage is any type of damage caused by a flood from rain, broken pipes, faulty appliances, damaged sprinkler systems, a leaky roof, or any other water-related disaster. Regardless of whether you're dealing with a natural disaster or a broken pipe, water can cause massive amounts of damage to your home or business. Inside your home or business, water can be a very destructive force. When you discover water damage in your property it is highly recommended that you contact the water damage professionals at Clean Masters.

Area rugs can be exquisite additions to your home or office. Unfortunately, most rugs don't come with instruction manuals, so most rug owners don't know how to properly care for their rugs. Not knowing usually leads to them waiting too long to have them cleaned, or cleaning them with the wrong methods and chemicals, which can contribute to fiber and dye damage from embedded soil, grit, and other contaminants. High end, hand-woven oriental rugs, for example, require a very specific type of cleaning method and careful handling to ensure that their fibers stay intact, colors don't fade or migrate, and their value is preserved.

The upholstered furniture in your home or office gets a lot of use, and it can actually soil more quickly than your carpets. With regular use, upholstered furniture willabsorb oils from the skin, collects dust, dander, and other particulates, and generally becomes soiled fairly easily. At Clean Masters, our skilled upholstery cleaning professionals can restore your upholstered furniture using specialized techniques and equipment that will not damage your furniture or draperies. Regular vacuuming and taking action when any spills occur is important in maintaining health upholstery, but there will come a time when your upholstery will be in need of professional attention to restore and extend its lifespan.

It's no secret that the carpets in our home or business see a lot of use, and regular vacuuming just isn't enough to keep carpets clean. Over time, dirt will get embedded deep within your carpet's fibers, leading to a dull or dirty appearance and potential odor problems. Regular professional carpet cleaning every six to twelve months is recommended to maintain clean, healthy carpets. Regular vacuuming can help keep your carpets clean, but it is mostly ineffective at removing soiling and contamination caused by spills.