We never sell or give your email address away. What is the finest kind of carpet for your office or home? Our staff's mission is to provide you the highest service experience possible We at Clean As A Whistle try our very finest to set ourselves apart from other cleaning firms by providing you the service and attention that you deserve, and of course by educating ourselves and you on how to keep your environment as clean and healthy as possible.

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  City Medford, OR
  Zip Code 97504
  Address 2516 Juanipero Wy
  Phone Number (541) 772-4465

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Carpeting is a major investment in your home. The premature demise of carpets is not the result of foot traffic; rather it is most often associated with trapped soil in the carpet fabric. Daily vacuuming with strong suction and rotating brush machines removes up to 50% or more or the soil that falls onto carpets. Clean As A Whistle Carpet & Upholstery Cleaningcovers most of the metropolitan area including all commercial and residential properties in the Southern Oregon area. Whether it's a big or little job, we're able to handle it while providing excellent customer service and quality work.

Our commercial cleaning company specializes in janitorial services in Medford, Oregon, and we'll ensure you always get the best results. We are working in the cleaning industry for many years and focusing on serving you the best with our decades of experience. We are not restricted to a single service. In fact, we are providing a comprehensive range of cleaning services to deliver all your concerns in the best possible manner. With our variety of cleaning and janitorial services in the Medford area, we always make sure your commercial property looks thoroughly cleaned and fresh.

Keeping your carpet and upholstery clean is indeed a real challenge. Our Medford upholstery and furniture cleaning services are here to help you make the task easier. We are emerging as a trusted upholstery cleaning company in Medford, OR where you will get the best furniture cleaning services to make your house look clean and fresh. Enhancing your home interior is no big task now. Our entire team of professionals is available to meet your upholstery cleaning needs in a cost-effective and proficient manner.

Our Medford floor cleaning company offers professional tile and grout cleaning services to residents and businesses throughout the Southern Oregon area. Our expertise doesn't end with carpet and upholstery cleaning. We also specialize in professional tile and grout cleaning. Even the most expensive and beautiful tile can appear unattractive and dingy over time. Improper cleaning, spills and foot traffic are the main causes for unattractive tile and grout. When we perform tile and grout cleaning services in your Medford, OR home, we will first apply a non-toxic cleaner to the surface.

Even if your mattress looks spotless, it can be home to all types of allergens and germs. Over time, your mattress actually gains weight as it absorbs dead skin, dust mites, moisture, and oil. According to one study, the average mattress is home to up to 10 million mites! Despite what mattress companies may claim, you don't need a new mattress to solve the problem. Instead, treat your mattress like any other upholstery in your home. If you're concerned about the cleanliness of your mattress, we're here to help.