We created this site to aid those interested in learning more about indoor air quality products and services. Clean Air Systems. was established in 1978 by Tom Halker. The firm began out selling Smokeeter Air Cleaning Systems to restaurants, bars, fraternal organizations and the like.

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Whether a leaky roof or pipe wake you in the middle of the night or you arrive home after a hard day's work to find out that your hot water heater has flooded your floor. Our technicians are standing by ready to help you with your home emergency. Fully qualified in water mitigation, mold and fire restoration our technicians will arrive with state of the art equipment and the latest techniques to quickly reduce the damage being done to your home. Our certified mold professionals can properly identify and remediate your mold issues.

If you are West Palm Beach Restoration Services, look into the ones that Clean Air Xperts provides to their customers. For years, our West Palm Beach restoration experts have delivered our customers with the proven results that they need to restore their businesses and properties. Call to get your free estimate! We offer a 24 hour emergency service that can meet your needs day or night 365 days a year. We guarantee that we can be there for you whenever you are faced with damages stemming from a disaster.

Our water extraction management personnel from Clean Air Xperts are available 365 days a year to serve residents in South Florida. If your small or large property has suffered emergency water damage, our professional staff will be on-site within a proper amount of time, and you'll immediately be guided through the emergency drying restoration and dehumidification process. Our years of water damage experience allows you the best the solution in an unforeseen disaster event. We completely dry out structures and restoration projects hurriedly and carefully.

We offer the fastest most dependable service in the construction industry as we have the equipment ranging from several trucks to numerous pipe scaffolding and electrical scaffolding, rigging, hoisting equipment and power tools and have a maintenance program in place to ensure our equipment will work properly and keep our projects on schedule. Our West Palm Beach general contractor is trained and stays up to date on the latest trends in restorations and remodels.

After a disaster, even a South Florida home that appears clean can maintain a bad smell. Odors are caused by particles in the air that can become trapped just about anywhere-in the furniture, the paint, the wallpaper, the carpet, and even the walls or floorboards. Our West Palm Beach odor removal contractor removes stubborn, pungent odors from homes every year. Dead animals, cooking, failed refrigeration, rotten meat, standing water, smoke damage, and mold can all contribute to bad odors.

Sometimes, you find yourself in need services that you really wish you didn't need. That is probably where you find yourself when you locate the fine company of Clean Air Xperts in Philadelphia. Clean Air Xperts professionals are definitely the experts in the restoration field. Working throughout the Philadelphia area, they provide services to residential and commercial buildings that have been affected by; fire damage, mold growth, water damage, or strong odor problems, among other things. Even though these projects are not necessarily fun issues to deal with, Clean Air Xperts employees can make this experience one of the best clean-up projects you may have ever participated in before now.

Removing particles and contaminants from your home's air duct system prevents the harmful effects of dust. By hiring a professional company, like Clean Air Xperts, you are ensuring only clean, healthy air is being circulated throughout your home or commercial property. Air duct cleaning also helps against multiple different airborne risks such as allergies, mold, and pet hair. Not only does an annual air duct cleaning help prevent allergies and mold, but it also keep your HVAC system working as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The beautiful sunshine state is actually hit by more storms than any other state. The result can be very damaging. If water enters your home, it needs to be removed as soon as possible. Mold can begin to grow in as little as 24 hours. This can cause the cleanup process to be more extensive as well as pricey. Clean Air Xperts offers a West Palm Beach Water Damage Restoration service which will help stop the damage before it becomes worse.