City Wide General Cleaning & Maintenance Service. has been delivering the Tri-State area with quality cleaning services since 1910. We are a complete service cleaning business with the capability to handle even the toughest of jobs. We specialize in all kinds of cleaning.

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  City College Point, NY
  Zip Code 11356
  Address 125-20 Eighteenth Avenue
  Phone Number (718) 353-1541

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Since 1910, City Wide General Cleaning and Maintenance has developed a reputation for being a leader in the commercial cleaning industry. In today's business world, image is everything. Your office is the heart of your business. It represents the hard work you've invested to keep your customers and employees satisfied. We understand that every office is different. Not every client has the same needs. We work together with our clients to customize the most efficient cleaning program to fit their needs.

Keeping your building or office clean and making sure it is a healthy place to work is absolutely important to a productive and safe workplace in NYC. Whether you live in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens or Bronx, you need professional janitorial services that can help to ensure your property remains clean and presentable to your customers and employees. This can actually save your company money in the long run because it can result in a lower number of sick employees. If you're looking for a New York City cleaning service, we are the best.

Citywide Commercial Office Cleaning Company is a fully insured, comprehensive janitorial service company and a family owned and operated business that has been providing professional janitorial services for all types of businesses since 1910. Our expert staff provides your facility with a highly specialized service geared to meet all your needs, be it daily, nightly, weekly or monthly cleaning schedules that cover all aspects of building services. All of the services we provide are tailored to meet individual client's specific needs.

Established in 1910, City Wide General Cleaning represents the highest standards of quality and customer service. Our highly trained staff are bonded and insured. They have experience with cleaning and maintaining all types of offices, surface materials, and schedules. That experience means quick, efficient, problem-free cleaning. We know that is what our customers want. They choose City Wide because we have the expertise and reliability that they were looking for. Throughout our company's history, we are proud of the long-standing business relationships that we have with our customers.

City Wide General Cleaning has a wide variety of carpet cleaning methods and machinery to utilize for your specific carpet cleaning needs. The Bonnet method is an interim-maintenance program. It is a low moisture cleaning system that only cleans the face fibers of the carpets. It is used on a monthly basis to keep the carpets clean. We service all 5 boros in NYC which include Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. Hot water and cleaning agents are propelled into the carpet fiber at high pressure, where they loosen up the dirt, soil and grime.

City Wide is a full service, insured and bonded, window cleaning and office cleaning company in NYC. We service Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Bronx. Whether it is street level or multi-level cleaning, we have the expertise and equipment necessary to perform the task. City Wide utilizes ladders, boom trucks, Bosun's chairs and bucket trucks to reach any window in your facility. We use environmentally friendly chemicals that will leave your windows clean and streak free. Interior windows are cleaned carefully, not to make a mess of the surrounding furnishings.