CitruSolution is a dry cleaning fluid process with a twist of lemon, orange, and grapefruit! Our cleaner is powered by citrus cleaning agents extracted from citrus peels. You take your fine clothes to the dry cleaner to avoid damage caused by soap and water. The CitruSolution process treats your carpet the same way, with no shampoos or chemicals.

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2. Activate the CitruSolution with a rotary Brush and Bonnet to neutralize germs, allergens, spots, and embedded soils, and bring them to the surface. Our Very-Low-Moisture process cleans the carpet fibers. The process is almost like dry cleaning. The "Brush and Bonnet" cleaning technique allows you to walk on the cleaned area immediately after cleaning. This method also allows CitruSolution to safely clean your Oriental and area rugs in place on the floor. TESTIMONIAL: Always great work! The two ladies that came were friendly, personable and even got on their knees to get a tough stain out in the carpet and succeeded.

Working in Brentwood, Nashville, and Franklin Tennessee since 2008, CitruSolutionis the safest and most effective cleaning method I have found to clean Oriental Rugs, carpeting, and upholstered furniture. The CitruSolution formula and cleaning process were developed over the last 25 years, and the current formula has been in use since 2002. We regularly network with other owners and Paul Romanick, CitruSolution's founder, to staycurrent on the best cleaning techniques. Cleaning three rooms in your home with CitruSolution produces ZERO waste water.

CitruSolution does not usesoap or shampoo and dries without leaving a residue. The traditional carpet cleaners, who use "extraction" cleaning with hot water or steam, leave about 30% or more of the shampoo in a cleaned carpet. Shampoo is sticky, which attracts dirt, and soap yellows over time dulling colors. CitruSolution and our inert defoamer neutralizes and removes the soap residue. In the case above, some over-shampooed carpets require two or more cleanings to completely neutralize the soap.

Your shoes, slippers, or even bare feet pick up dust and dirt that is tracked in from outside or even the dust settling on the floor. This dirt and grime acts like sandpaper, wearing and abrading the rug fibers themselves. For this reason, we recommend cleaning your rugs every 2-3 years, more often if you have pets. Last weekend, a guest spilled a whole glass of red wine on my clean oriental rug. I blotted up the excess and sprayed the bottle [CitruSpotter] you gave me on the spot, fearing the worst.

CitruSolution As we once again find ourselves in the midst of another move, I can wholeheartedly recommend the services of CitruSolution, whether you're moving into a new home or simply wanting to make your home line new again! Jamie Reeves:CitruSolutionsent a cleaning team out to my home a couple of weeks ago and I was thrilled with the job they did. I had pretty much lost hope that our carpet could look better but it not only looked better, it smelled better, when they left. They also cleaned (by hand mind you) our tan chenille sofa and throw pillows.

One of the benefits of using CitruSolution to clean your upholstered furniture is its safety. CitruSolution is both safe for your familyandyour fabrics. Citrus-based cleansers are gentle yetpowerful. If you look at the tags on your furniture, you will probably find a label with a W, SW, S, or X on it. Since we do not use the harsh, synthetic solvents, CitruSolution only tests to make sure the fabric is colorfast (the vast majority of upholstery fabrics are colorfast). Cleaning is a three-step process: First, we mist CitruSolution over the part to be cleaned using the Hudson never pump electric sprayer.

CitruSolution uses non-toxic, fragrance free cleansers to remove grime and soil, neutralize spills and spots using a low moisture cleaning process. Rather than maintenance cleaning using detergents or butyl-based compounds, CitruSolution is a citrus-based formula. Our unique cleanser, not only cleans, but also neutralizes most common odors in your office. Traditional maintenance cleaning fails to remove all detergent cleaners applied. This soap residue, is the primary cause of immediate re-soiling as you see in the before photo at right.

Customers say: CitruSolution Cleans Better, Dries Faster, Stays Clean Longer, and Smells Great.