Chadds Ford Chimney Sweeps is located in Chadds Ford, PA, and services homeowners, businesses and institutions in Southeastern Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware. Owner Kevin Knight helped build chimneys in several of the best homes in New England during the 1970's.

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  City Chadds Ford, PA
  Zip Code 19357
  Phone Number (610) 388-1316

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At Chadds Ford Chimney Sweeps, we specialize in serving residential customers by providing complete chimney cleaning, maintenance and repair services. Additionally, our crews provide basic HVAC maintenance and cleaning services to protect the air quality in your home. We employ the most advanced dust-free HEPA cleaning methods to ensure that not a trace of soot or dust remains. Our customers discover that with all of our services, our commitment to professionalism, cleanliness, and customer service are second to none.

Chimneys, air ducts and dryer vents need periodic maintenance in order to stay in top operating condition. Chimneys collect soot and creosote which can hamper efficient exhaust flow, and impede your furnace's efficiency. A home's air ducts collect dust, pet hair and allergins which breed tiny insect pests that can become health hazards. A clogged dryer vent hinders your dryer's ability to function, and in a worse case scenario becomes a fire hazard. Chadds Ford Chimney Sweeps delivers the professional service you expect as we restore your home's blocked airways to like new condition.

Ever notice a thick blanket of dust under a bed that hasn't been vacuumed for a few weeks? Imagine what could be lurking in your heating and air conditioning ducts. A typical home's heating and air conditioning ducts are coated with a thick layer of dust. This allergen farm contains animal dander, bacteria, dust mites, fungi, mold, pollen and more. Some ducts even contain construction debris from when your home was first built. Many particles are too small to be captured by your furnace filter.

Your Clothes Dryer can pose a hidden fire hazard. Clothes dryer vents or ducts accumulate lint in a similar fashion to the way plaque deposits build-up in human blood vessels, and dirt builds up in a home's duct work. Even an occasional bird's nest finds its way inside the vents. Birds are attracted to the lint as a source of nesting material and they may decide to build a nest inside the vent as a way of getting out of the elements. The resulting blockage from lint or straw causes your dryer to overwork and overheat which can lead to a deadly house fire.