When you call us you can be confident that your carpet will be cleaned and treated by a licensed, trained professional. Your carpet will last longer, look better and be free of disease causing organisms if cleaned on a regular basis. This is even more true if you have pets living in your home.

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The Water Damage Team of Premier Carpet Cleaning is available for all your water removal and clean-up requirements. We have years of experience in water removal and drying. As well as storm damage clean up, contaminated water removal of all levels, structural drying, debris removal and mold remediation. Our specialists are trained in all of the industries standards and techniques. At the Water Damage Team we understand that rapid response is key to preventing any additional loss, so our specialist are available to answer calls and response 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The first step is pre-treating the heavy traffic areas with sprayed cleaning solution to loosen up the soils. Then the truck-mounted equipment is used to spray heated cleaning solution into the carpet pile at a high pressure and then is immediately extracted along with the suspended soil particles. The machine will work the solution into the pile and loosen soil. The time between cleanings is dependent on several factors: frequency of your vacuuming, type and color of your carpet, amount of traffic, and the method used the last time your carpets were cleaned.

How can these contaminants be removed from the air duct system? Our professionals have combined their proven techniques with the video-assisted ROTOBRUSH air duct cleaning system. This advanced cleaning method is the only one available that brushes and vacuums at the point of contact, eliminating the use of harsh chemicals such as sealers. You are left with the assurance of fresh, clean and virtually contaminant-free air in your home and office.