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The life and beauty of your carpet depends on many factors. The texture and color will partly determine how much soil shows, but the two most important factors for soil and stain control are the density of the fibers in the carpet and the types of fibers. If the carpet is dense, it will be more difficult for spills or dirt to penetrate deep within the carpet. Carpet manufactures suggest that owners should vacuum heavy traffic areas every day to prevent dirt and soil from being ground into the deeper parts of carpets.

We know that keeping your furniture looking brand new is important. Experts suggest that you deep clean your upholstery frequently to maintain the quality and to extend the lifetime of your carpets. Our expert technicians are trained to handle the simplest fabrics to the most delicate. Just call today and they can provide you with an immediate estimate. The key to successful removal of stains or soil is to identify the fabric and the stain. Our technicians are trained to handle all sorts of fabrics infused with all sorts of stains.

Even normal looking rugs have dust and dirt that have settled between the fibers and have begun the abrasive process. It is recommended that you get your rugs thoroughly cleaned once a year. Our rug cleaning method has withstood the test of time. It's the same process used ages ago on natural fiber wool rugs, but with a few minor alterations to adapt the method to modern times. In older times, rug cleaning often began with beating the rug with a rug beater. However, that technique causes fiber wear and tear and can be especially harmful to delicate rugs.

Regular care is essential for maintaining the appearance and wear life of your carpet. Whether you have a home filled with pets, kids, and heavy foot traffic or one with none of the above, your carpet is still going to trap dirt and soil within the fibers. Dirt can be brought in by not only by pets and foot traffic, but also by open windows allowing pollen and dirt to float in from outside. If left to linger among the carpet fibers, dirt and soil will rub and wear against the fibers, causing the ultimate deterioration of the carpet.