Established in 1999, GreenEarth Cleaning is the world's biggest solution supplier for environment friendly dry cleaning. For decades, clients and dry cleaners had no real choice but to clean clothes in harsh, petrochemical solvents with known health and environmental risks.

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  City North Sioux City, SD
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  Phone Number (605) 242-5424

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Here at GreenEarth Cleaning, we've long championed that every day be celebrated like it's Earth Day. So it's only fitting that when the planet-loving holiday does officially roll around, we make a pretty big to-do about it. In 2019, we kicked off our inaugural Earth. Historically blackout and lined curtains have been a problem for manufacturers, customers, and cleaners alike. The wrong fabric combination and a lack of aftercare testing instruction can lead to using an incorrect cleaning method.

We cleaned our first garment in the back room of a science lab in 1998. We were longtime dry cleaners preparing to exit an industry plagued by the environmental contamination issues of perc solvent. However, after seeing the potential for a safe alternative to perc, we formed the GreenEarth Cleaning Company. Today more than 600 million pounds of garments have been cleaned with GreenEarth Cleaning. We serve the needs of customers through more than 6,000 retail points of service in over 40 countries.

As a second-generation dry cleaner, Tim has served in numerous roles for GreenEarth since joining in 2000. He currently holds the position of President, and we're lucky to have him steering the ship. He's been recognized by international regulatory agencies as a stakeholder representative in the reduction of perchloroethylene in the dry cleaning sector. His family takes regular ski trips, and in the summer, you can find him exploring the waters. As a Canadian, he shares his nation's passion for ice hockey and plays recreationally.