Since 1984, Building Janitorial Service has never had a claim filed on our fidelity bond insurance policy, the commercial liability or the workman’s compensation insurance policies.

In today’s highly competitive business climate, your time and money are major investments. Securing quality janitorial service for a reasonable fee is a challenge. Simplify your task and reduce the frustration. Building Janitorial Service is knowledgeable, experienced, competent, and guarantees that we will do our best to keep your building clean and looking professional for you and your business.

We specialize in all types of buildings. With our state of the art chemicals, equipment, supplies, and techniques, we have the expertise to professionally maintain your building and its contents for longer wear, so the need for remodeling is deferred and remodeling costs are reduced for you in the long term.

Get the competitive edge on your side. Protect your investments. Our professional staff will meet the challenge for you. Our service record is a result of our management and personnel being thoroughly trained and carefully selected. We are courteous, responsible, dependable, and trustworthy. We want you to be glad that we are taking care of your building for you, and we want you to be positive and satisfied with us for the long term.

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  Person Building Janitorial Service
  City Fort Worth, TX
  Zip Code 76133
  Phone Number (817) 881-9128

From Our Website

We document in our bid daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterlyoffice cleaning services. Available cleaning services are: removetrash, replace wastebasket liners, clean wastebaskets, dusteye level and below, dust above eye level, disinfect desktops, countertops, tabletops, cabinet door fronts and drawers, disinfect break room sinks and other sinks, disinfect inside microwave ovensand the outside surface of break room appliances, disinfect light switches, light switch plates, doorknobs, water fountains and coolers, baseboards, disinfect restrooms thoroughly by crew leader, spot clean walls, woodwork, and doors, clean glass doors and inside panes, dust mop, wet mop, vacuum carpet and mats, sweep out visible debris where the vacuum cleaner will not go and vacuum it up, clean sand urns, refill restroom and break room dispensers.