We hire only the highest and train them professionally. We tailor the range of our services to clients' requirements. We are not a franchise, so our pricing is more affordable. You Deserve the Pleasure of a Few Simple Moments. With your busy lifestyle, you simply do not have the time or the energy to keep your home the way you'd like. When you make the time, other important interests suffer.

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  City Atlanta, GA
  Zip Code 30329
  Address 50 Executive Prk South # 5013
  Phone Number (404) 633-5152

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The Brittany Maids team is serious about providing consistent, reliable and quality service to every customer who trusts them to care for their home.

Brittany Maids is a local family-owned business with a 32-year history of success in providing high quality maid service. Prospective employees are carefully screened, including a background check, before they are hired and trained. Employees receive a minimum of 2.5 hours of training each week. Consistent training expands their knowledge of products, new techniques, equipment, safety and health, and customer service. Brittany Maids maintains General Liability Insurance to protect you against damage if an employee is found to be negligent.

The impact of chemicals on humans and on the environment isn't a new issue for Brittany Maids. Since it was founded 32 years ago, Brittany Maids has been committed to using sustainable cleaning products that are not hazardous to you, your children, your pets or the environment. A study by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory warns of cleaning product risks.

Individuals and dispatch services do not have training programs or carry insurance to protect their staff and customers. Third-party bonding only provides coverage in very limited circumstances and is not equivalent to employee liability insurance. Generally more frequent service means each cleaning takes less time, so the cost for a weekly cleaning will be lower than the cost of a alternate-weekly or monthly cleaning. More frequent cleanings give greater flexibility in what is cleaned and where the maids will concentrate their efforts.

Brittany Maids provides Office Cleaning Services using the same standards of personalization, cleanliness and care as you experience at home.

The company's founders built Brittany Maids to be the most dependable, highest quality maid service in the Metro Atlanta Area. The management and staff are committed to providing personalized, systematic and professional cleaning services within their service area. Their proven process allows Britttany Maids to maintain careful control of the quality of their house cleaning services. If you are not reasonably satisfied with a cleaning service, notify Brittany Maids within one business day, and we will reclean within two business days.

The Brittany Maids team will clean with your individual needs in mind and on your schedule - for special occasions or on a regular schedule. Brittany Maids has been my cleaning service of choice for 19+ years. The high level of customer service, integrity and responsiveness provided to me over the years makes it easy for me to recommend them to others. I always look forward to coming into a clean house when I know they have visited my home! - Nancy R.