When disaster strikes, we can assist. Simply put, we clean and decontaminate scenes containing blood, bodily fluids, body tissues, decomposed body fluids, vomit, feces, animal waste and/or other potentially biohazardous substances. Until very recently, the responsibility of cleaning a crime or trauma scene fell upon the victim's family, friends or co-workers.

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  City Brighton, MI
  Zip Code 48114
  Address 885 Taylor Rd
  Phone Number (248) 860-6314

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Bowdecon is a family owned, family operated business created to help other families and businesses. Now finally, there are alternatives.

Located in Ithaca (central Michigan), Bowdecon is proud to offer services to all of Michigan.

Thanks soo much for your kindness and help. The trust we felt with you was superior. I would like to extend thanks to you and your team from all of our family and friends. Wow! Thank you so much! You and your crew did a fantastic job! Thank you, Daniel! I couldn't ask or expect anymore. I never thought it would look like it used to. I wanted to let you know how much Dianna appreciated all you helped her with. I'm glad she was able to have a decent place to live in those last few months of her life.

One small, undetected water line break, 150,000+ gallons of water pouring through the house. The result? LOTS of damage. Rust leaching out of the water, mold in the walls, cabinets, floor and basement. BEFORE pictures -- Feces Clean-up & Decontamination, national hotel chain suite. Sudden diarrhea attack resulted in contamination of the entire bathroom, to a height of nearly 3 feet. Other areas of the suite were also affected by transfer as the person moved about the suite. We cleaned, decontaminated and deodorized the entire suite, allowing its return to service the same day, had the need arisen.

Sadly, more and more people are living alone, without the support of family and friends. Bowdecon staff will serve you with the courtesy, compassion and professionalism that you deserve.