Bio Scene Clean Up was formed by Marc Onesta (Pictured top left) to help victims of crime. Bio Scene Clean Up is NOT a franchise and is independently owned by Marc Onesta who has decontaminated over 1000 bio-hazardous/crime scenes in his almost 10 years of biohazard recovery/ crime scene cleaning and decontamination career. No scene is ever the same so having decontaminated numerous crime scene related clean ups makes Marc Onesta and Bio Scene Clean Up highly qualified and experienced to work for you.

Bio Scene Clean Up specializes in the removal, disinfecting, odor removal and remediation of blood, biohazards, body fluids resulting from Crime scenes, work accidents, trauma scenes, death, homicide, suicide and other accidental situations in the Tampa Bay Florida areas. We are also an insurance claims specialist when it comes to working with an insurance company for you!

Contact Details

  Person Bio Scene Clean Up
  City Saint Petersburg , FL
  Phone Number (727) 330-5856