Benny's specializes in Carpet & Upholstery cleaning in both the commercial and domestic settings. As you look around, you will notice that almost every place has carpet & upholstery that requirements to be cleaned. All of these have upholstery and carpet, which requirements cleaned regularly. Our clients advertise for us by telling their friends what a nice job we do.

Contact Details

  City Laguna Hills, CA
  Zip Code 92653
  Address 25111 Luna Bonita Drive
  Phone Number (949) 322-9225

From Our Website

You just bought carpets for your office (or home, but for the purpose of this short intro story I will keep it commercial) last month, now they look a bit dull. The interior designer said it would look more pleasing to the eyes that way, and that you can just remove it afterwards if you grow to hate it. Well, now you do. But you had to admit that it looked more official, and muffled footfalls that doesn't break your employees' concentration is an additional pro. You can always replace it with new ones, but you have almost exceeded the budget allotted for this month.