It is significant to remember 1st and foremost that we're a family business. There are 4 of us boys - Brian, Brad, Bruce and Brett. All of us and our families in one way or another are involved with the success of this firm. Raised in a W Texas town where it's dry and the dust is relentless, settling on everything, cleaning has always been an integral part of our regimen.

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  City Bowling Green, KY
  Zip Code 42101
  Address 109 E Eleventh Avn
  Phone Number (270) 796-6991

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Thank you for everything you and your team have done over the last several days to support Franklin Bank. The education, orientation, scheduling, etc. you all have provided has been exceptional even with all the chaos swirling around us. In addition to myself, some of the attendees also reported back to (the management) how your orientation session was so thorough and eye-opening on several topics. During this unique time in history fear tends to be the dominant emotion in regards to this deadly virus, mostly due to being uncertain as to what direction you need to go to protect your loved ones at home or your valuable employees at your place of business.

Finding a professional and reliable cleaning company to handle a large construction cleaning job has proven to be difficult for many construction companies. B&B Cleaning is well-equipped to handle new construction cleaning jobs of any size. You can request a list of our references to get a better idea about services.

There is nothing better than coming back to a clean home that allows you to enjoy quality family time. Contact us today for quality vacuuming and dusting services and a FREE estimate on our residential services. Here are 4 of the 8 Residential Services personnel who perform their high-quality cleaning in our client's homes. This is our most requested service due to their teamwork and conscientiousness. They do an excellent job and are the reason why we have over a year waiting list for people to get on it.

By keeping your place of business clean, you can promote a more productive and friendly environment. Get a FREE estimate on commercial cleaning services when you contact B&B Cleaning for an appointment. One of the main reasons B&B Cleaning runs a successful commercial department is that we put only people we personally know in your business. Our confidence in their service leads to the best possible results.

Carpet is one of the largest investments you will make for your home or business, and you'll want to make it last for as long as possible. Professional carpet cleaning services from B&B Cleaning will help you maintain your carpets thus ensuring a clean environment.

B&B Cleaning Company is known for their wide-ranged knowledge of cleaning a variety of floor surfaces and the maintenance required to keep them in optimal shape, commercially and residentially. Contact and ask for a FREE consultation. This method of cleaning is great for concrete and tile floors in public areas. We attach the unit to our carpet van and it extracts and pressure cleaned the area at 500 psi., which is usually adequate for indoors. It is very efficient and requires a lot less water and clean-up as the water is extracted as soon as it hits the surface.

B&B Cleaning started out as primarily offering window cleaning services for business. Over time, we grew our business into what it is today, but we still offer our successful and reliable window cleaning services to residential and commercial properties. Window cleaning services for your home can be completed year-round. The crew is trained to reach the difficult windows in your home, so you do not have to risk your safety trying to clean them. Also, view the video about our "Rinse Free" option for your home if you have multiple true-divided units.