Reilly's Oriental Rug Co. has been serving New Jersey with best quality rug cleaning since 1918. With experience of the age old techniques of weaving and repairing rugs to the latest changes in the cleaning industry, our skilled team can provide you quality workmanship.

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  City Alpine, NJ
  Zip Code 07620
  Phone Number (201) 784-3737

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Reilly's Rug and Carpet Cleaning is one of the oldest rug cleaning facilities in New Jersey. Established in 1918, Reilly's has been a family owned operation, and a trusted name for generations. The most advanced equipment in the industry is only as good as the staff that operates it. All of our staff is fully trained in the most current advances in the cleaning field, and backed by years of experience. Any company can bring a rug back to their warehouse and clean it on their floor. Reilly's is a fully operational rug cleaning plant.

Cleaning your tiled surfaces keeps your home clean which is important for the protection of your health and that of your family members. As time passes, your tiles will experience wear and tear in the form of small fractures or cracks. They allow water to seep into the tiles which then gathers behind them, creating a breeding ground for mildew and mold. This can lead to breathing issues for your family members, particularly young children and the elderly. To prevent this, you need to invest in water damage repair for your tiled surfaces.

Flooded carpets or rugs must be tended to quickly to avoid permanent damage. Whether a broken pipe soaked your living room rug, or your basement carpet got flooded, Reilly's emergency service can help save your carpets.

Do you want to add padding to your rug to make it thicker and more comfortable? Reilly's Oriental Rug Cleaning can help; we offer rug padding services at competitive prices. With over a century of experience serving the residents in Northern New Jersey, you can trust us to deliver excellent services. If you have a favorite rug that you will like to improve, rug padding can make the rug more comfortable as well as extend its lifespan. Rug padding is the process of adding pads underneath the rugs to make them bouncier, as well as add a host of other beneficial attributes to it.