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  City Katy, TX
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Our highly trained technicians use powerful carpet cleaning equipment to provide an outstanding service and complete satisfaction at an affordable price. A new and revolutionary method presented to you without the use of harsh chemicals, eliminating long and extensive dry time. Rez-Free, our new treatment solution is made from natural extracts, therefore safe and environment friendly. Our powerful truck-mount units reach 230 degrees of natural pure steam, killing and disinfecting all areas cleaned.

Along with the carpet in your home, your furniture takes a lot of heavy abuse, because it is an essential piece of furniture it does require attention. You should considered having upholstery cleaned at least once a year this will prolong the life of your fabric. Steam cleaning upholstery is recommended by the manufactures, this guarantees the elimination of dust mites, pet dander, odors, and accidental spills. Furniture is expensive, but with yearly maintenance from AquaTec, we can bring back the life of your upholstery and help protect your investment.

We have revolutionized the industry of tile and grout cleaning. We are able to restore floors to its original beauty by power washing / steam cleaning at an incredible 230 degrees. We completely strip, clean, and reseal various types of floors to bring back the vitally it once had. We have researched our industry, tested various methods of cleaning to get the job done without damaging and wasting valuable time. I have used AquaTec for several years now, from cleaning my tile, my carpets, my slate patio!

We invested in top of the line equipment to provide quality work in your home, and dedicated time to perfect the performance of our equipment. All our trucks carry a reverse osmosis, micron filters, and advanced water softening system. Because of our equipment we are able to provide you, our customer, pure steam. We mean business when we say"Steamed to Perfection." Our one of a kind cleaning solution sets us apart from other cleaning companies by far. Rez-Free is biodegradable, completely safe for the family including pets.

Professional cleaning is recommend once a year depending on the amount of traffic where the rug lies. The cleaning process will enhance the richness and the softness that these rugs are known for. However, improper maintenance can cause severe damage to the fibers, or loss of luster. Some rugs can be steam cleaned and others dry cleaned, whatever the process, when you choose our service we are able to accommodate such prestigious carpets.