Before we began using America's Most Wanted the carpets were always left too wet - not so with you. We particularly like the teflon protection and your great service. i am able to specialize in these areas because i am recognized as a top-level technician and expert in these subjects. I've written a consumer guide to buying carpet, as well as numerous articles that will be available soon online.

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  City Pasco, WA
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  Phone Number (509) 542-1444

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My name is Steve Kohl, and I started doing janitor work and carpet cleaning at night for Jerry's Janitor Service in Moses Lake, WA in 1974 while going to college during the day. I met a wonderful girl, married her (of course), and then we moved to Lewiston, Idaho so I could start my flying career. In 1978 I was transferred to Dayton, WA, got tired of being gone all the time with the flying, and quit. My wife (Desiree) and I started a little janitor/carpet cleaning business in Dayton, using my old Volkswagen bug as my cleaning "truck".

Ceramic tile is probably my favorite flooring, even though my lifetime career has been cleaning carpet. Tile is fairly difficult to install, as the subfloor needs to be absolutely flat and non-flexible. But once its in, rarely will you have any problems with it. Sometimes grout will break and crack, but replacing grout is easy with a little bit of practice. The only problem is keeping the grout clean, as you may already know. I need to mention that there are two different kinds of grout; sand-based and epoxy.

The carpet on your floor is made up of very small plastic rods (filaments) that are smaller than human or pet hair. I can help. First of all, make sure you vacuum the carpet regularly, not just when there is debris laying on the surface. Since your home/business is in the Tri-Cities area, there are many types of particulates and oils that will slowly start taking residence in the carpet fibers, including dust mites (don't be embarrassed, they are in my carpet also). Regular vacuuming will greatly prolong the life of your carpet.

Since you don't typically walk on your furniture, the evident need for furniture cleaning is not the same as your carpet. Typically the cleaning frequency will be less with furniture than carpet. However, when the need does come up, I'm the guy to call. I have personally cleaned over 3,000 pieces of furniture in the last 30 years, and am what you would call "experienced". Unlike some of the fabrics being used in the 70's, most furniture fabric today is less fragile and easier to clean. And, the equipment available now is so much nicer than the old stuff.