Environmental stewardship is a choice. Amazing Green is your choice for true Environmental safe carpet cleaning. Our cleaning products are certified through Green Seal, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic, assuring your family better health and great indoor air quality.

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Amazing Green Carpet Clean has been cleaning local Minnesota homes with experience that stems from a family-owned business that has operated for 65 years in the field. We are proud to serve customers within the Minneapolis St Paul Communities and surrounding. We use safe and environmentally-friendly products while providing enhanced customer service and superior work ethics at affordable prices. Our revolutionary 7 step cleaning process, and safe cleaning products, bring the most thorough and healthy cleaning to your home.

The team at Amazing Green Carpet Clean is family owned and operated and treats every customer as part of the family, too. We have developed our business and perfected our craft through hard work, dedication, and by wanting what is best for local families. We have over 60 years of trade experience through a lifetime of assisting in our own family business growing up and we bring the same value and respect that was incorporated and utilized decades ago. We are always concerned about what areas we can work to safeguard our environment.

Amazing Green can help with any upholstery cleaning need! We use Green Seal certified All Natural products and utilize 'green' standards and procedures throughout our entire operation. We do this because we care about results- both for you (our customer) and our environment. Though we are not the cheapest company in town, we have very reasonable rates and never have hidden charges or extra fees. Like with regular cleaning of carpets and air ducts, most people don't realize how necessary it is to have your upholstery consistently cleaned.

Damp or wet environments are known to breed Bacteria, Mold and other Allergens. If your carpet or upholstery has had some sort of water damage, it's extremely important to take swift and careful action. Often times a homeowner feels they can take care of the problem themselves or with a buddy. This leads to a greater disaster as most mold growth happens due to unchecked or insufficient drying and removal of damaged surfaces / contents. If you have insurance, you're most likely covered, If you don't its better to spend the money to take care of it properly and Immediately vs waiting or increasing the problem.

Rugs are often not only for aesthetic purposes, but also to lengthen the life of your carpets. Rugs are the catch-all of the home, and often take on a bulk of the outside dirt and grime that we bring into our home. It is however, very easy to transfer all the bacteria, dust, and filth that settle on your rugs straight into your home and carpets. Amazing Green Carpet Clean has decades of experience in cleaning rugs of all types, materials, and sizes; this is important because some types of rugs require very specialized or delicate care.

Your household carpet can present several dangers to your family if not properly and regularly cleaned. Dust, mold, fungus, dust mites, dirty hair, and skin cells each introduce a separate set of problems in your home. Accumulated dust and dust mites can cause allergies, mold can cause multiple symptoms including asthma, and dirty hair can cause a lice problem. Step 1 Pre-Cleaning Inspection: A thorough examination of ALL details to fully understand your needs and expectations, as well as a carpet inspection to determine specific cleaning needs.